‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Teases ‘Wheely Crazy’ Times Ahead

by Jennifer Shea

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune looks like it’s getting a little wacky and off-the-wall with its new episode tonight at 8 p.m. ET. In a new tweet previewing the episode, the show’s Twitter account teased some of the reactions from celebrities who will be appearing on tonight’s show.

The Show Is Like a Family, Vanna White Says

Vanna White has been turning letters on Wheel of Fortune for well over three decades, and host Pat Sajak recently celebrated 40 years on the show. In a recent interview with KTLA, White talked about what keeps her and Pat Sajak coming back for more on the show long after they’ve made their respective fortunes.  

“We absolutely love it,” White said. “We love coming to work. We’ve worked with all the staff and crew here for so long, they’re family. So when we come to work, it’s like being part of the family. And it’s fun! It’s fun to come here, it’s fun, we see people win lots of money and have a good time.”

According to PopCulture, White likely makes somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million per year, although some sources put it as high as $10 million. So even with two kids to support, she’s not exactly hurting for dough. But that just underscores that her continued appearances on the show are really for the joy of taking part in the game.

White Says Guests on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune Frequently Surprise Her

Meanwhile, White also opened up about Celebrity Wheel of Fortune – like the time when Melissa Joan Hart won a million-dollar prize for the charity of her choosing. White was clearly surprised when Hart guessed the puzzle correctly for the win, but she says it was a thrilling moment for her.

“It’s absolutely wonderful,” White enthused. “I was just thrilled out of my mind to see that happen. You know, everybody has the opportunity to do that. And we’ve done it several times, by the way, on the show. But not only—we’re talking about the million-dollar win, but—everybody wins so much. Hundreds of thousands, people win. So you’re always a winner on our show.”

“I didn’t know that they would be as good as they are, the celebrities,” White added. “But they’re good!”

Catch tonight’s roster of celebrities lighting up the wheel on ABC tonight at 8 p.m. ET.