‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Wants You to Show Love for the Secret Star of the Show

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” has seen its fair share of stars and celebrities up on stage trying to solve various puzzles. But the game show’s official Instagram account wants to remind us who the true star of the show is each and every week.

And, before you guess, it’s not one of the wonderful hosts, Pat Sajak or Vanna White. Though they’ve been stable institutions on “Wheel of Fortune” since the 1980s, that’s not who the game show gave a shoutout to earlier today.

Instead, the show posted a gorgeous picture of the one star “Wheel of Fortune” couldn’t function without: The Wheel itself!

“Can we hear a little commotion for the wheel,” the game show captioned their post earlier. Despite several set, music, and aesthetic changes, the one thing that’s stayed the same has been the design of the wheel. And true Wheel Watchers wouldn’t have it any other way.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestants Cruise Through Triple Toss Up Round

Earlier this week, the contestants on “Wheel of Fortune” absolutely blew away the audience and cast members with their speedy Triple Toss-Up Round. Two of the contestants made it through three puzzles in 36 seconds. Which must be some kind of record on the game show. Although maybe they just wanted to be prepared for the Bonus Round.

The official “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account posted a clip of the lightning-quick round. They captioned the post, “Maybe we didn’t make it clear, but this is the Triple Toss-Up Round, not the Speed Round!”

Check out the contestant’s quick thinking and reflexes in the video below.

Perhaps the contestants had an easier time with this Triple Toss-Up Round because the category was Phrases. Each of the three phrases ended with an “!” which implied that the phrase was “Happy _________!”

And sure enough, as soon as a “Y” appeared in the second word and a “P’ appeared in the first word, a contestant named Lauren guessed, “Happy Birthday!”

For the second puzzle, a contestant named Rich chimed in right away. Once again, only two letters needed to make it up on the board, “RY” at the end of the second, longer word. “Happy Anniversary!” Rich said.

Pat Sajak, surprised by the contestant’s speed, commented, “We may set a time record for solving these.”

The third and last puzzle proved the hardest. Five letters needed to get up on the board before Lauren finally guessed, “Happy Monday!” She got $2,000 for each correct puzzle, as did Rich.

After she answered, Sajak quipped, “Who’s ever said that?”

Make sure you tune in to “Wheel of Fortune” tonight for more quick puzzle solvers.