‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Maggie Sajak Chat With One of Her ‘Absolute Favorite’ Artists Jason Mraz

by Leanne Stahulak

Maggie Sajak, daughter of “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, joined the cast of the show this year as the social coordinator. This means she has tons of celebrity encounters on the show’s primetime spin-off series.

“Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” aired a new episode last night, featuring three new celebrity contestants. Singer Jason Mraz faced off against actresses Michelle Trachtenberg and Vivica Fox. After the show, Maggie spoke with the contestants about their experience. And she admitted earlier today that she’s been a longtime fan of one of them.

“One of my absolute favorite artists of all time!!!!! And a champion @celebritywof player! @jason_mraz,” Maggie tweeted earlier. She shared a video posted by the official “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” Twitter page.

“@jason_mraz on Celebrity Spin with @MaggieSajak? Consider us STARstruck,” the game show captioned their post.

In the interview with Maggie, Mraz opened up about how his music writing process helped him do so well on the game show.

“Once I have a melody and an idea, even an idea of a phrase,” Mraz begins. “The first words may not be the right word, so I have to keep working on it until I craft what I think is a great lyric. This game is very similar.”

Maggie then asked Mraz about his latest album, “Look for the Good,” and the inspiration behind it.

“I just felt called to write and address various topics. Always looking for the good and trying to find a path through it,” Mraz explained to the “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” interviewer. “So I’m finally out on the road, sharing this music, but already writing new songs for the future.”

‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Jason Mraz Opens Up About Charity

During the interview with Maggie Sajak, “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” contestant Jason Mraz also opened up about the charity he donated to.

“So, I’ve worked with True Colors United for quite a while,” he said. “They have been addressing homelessness in America. Specifically helping at-risk LGBT youth. The homeless population is made up largely of LGBT youth, so True Colors is addressing that.”

Mraz ended up winning quite a bit of money for the charity, earning nearly $140,000 over the course of two games. Although, the end of the show was fairly bittersweet when Mraz failed to solve the Bonus Round puzzle. He didn’t choose the right letters to help him out, so he didn’t win the Bonus Round wedge. And of course, the wedge he picked happened to be the million-dollar prize.

But True Colors United tweeted out a thank you to the “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” contestant for all the money he raised regardless.

“You did amazing tonight @jason_mraz! Thank you and thanks #CelebrityWheelOfFortune! Jason won $140,000 to support our work to end homelessness among LGBTQ youth! Not. Too. Shabby. @celebritywof,” the organization wrote.