Chandler Powell Shares Photo of Daughter Grace Warrior’s ‘Morning Meeting’ Surrounded by Kangaroos

by Quentin Blount

Okay, Outsiders. We think you’ll agree with us on this one — working on a Sunday doesn’t sound so bad if you’re surrounded by kangaroos all day. Are we right? Or are we right? If you don’t believe us, just ask little Grace Irwin, the daughter of Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell.

It has truly been a pleasure to watch as Grace Warrior Irwin grows up right in front of us. 23-year-old Bindi Irwin gave birth to her little girl back on March 25 of last year. Grace officially made Bindi a mom, as she is the first child between her and her husband, Chandler Powell. As a matter of fact, Grace came into the world on the same day as her parents’ wedding anniversary.

Now, there is obviously no denying that Bindi and little Grace share an unbreakable mother-daughter bond. Bindi often displays that on her official social media channels, and we cover all of her adorable updates right here on Outsider.

Speaking of which, we also cover updates from Grace’s dad, Chandler Powell. And while he has some heartwarming posts of his own, he also has some more typical “Dad” posts as well. One of those came on Sunday morning when Powell posted a picture of his daughter in her stroller surrounded by several kangaroos at the beautiful Australia Zoo.

“Grace’s morning meetings look like this,” Powell wrote alongside the photo.

We can get behind working on Sundays if it looks like this. It sounds like Bindi Irwin fans would agree.

“So cute!!” one fan commented.

“I love it so much!” said another follower. “Big decisions being made by this group!”

“Grace is such a beautiful baby with such amazing parents,” a third user chimed in.

Chandler Powell Could Post Photos of Grace With a New Animal Friend Soon

Make no mistake about it, seeing little Grace Warrior Irwin hanging out with a group of kangaroos on Sunday morning was just what we needed to start our day. We definitely have to thank Chandler Powell for that one.

Speaking of which, the Australia Zoo recently opened its arms to an endangered species — Red pandas. Bindi explained as much in a recent update on the Zoo’s breeding program.

“Welcoming the two sweetest bundles of fluff to our family. We are incredibly proud to be part of a breeding program for this critically endangered species @AustraliaZoo. Red panda cuteness to make your day brighter.”

That’s right, folks! Red pandas are officially at the Australia Zoo. We’re sure that little Grace will be making friends with them in no time. And who knows? Maybe Chandler Powell will oversee another Sunday work meeting between Grace and her new animal pals.