‘Cheers’ Star Bebe Neuwirth Recalls Getting Arrested at 13

by Keeli Parkey

During a recent public appearance, “Cheers” star Bebe Neuwirth recalled getting arrested when she was just 13 years old.

Neuwirth played Dr. Lilith Sternin, the wife of Dr. Frasier Crane. Actor Kelsey Grammer and Neuwirth played these characters in both “Cheers” and the spin-off, “Fraiser.”

According to Page Six, the now 62-year-old actress shared details about her arrest record while walking the red carpet at the 25th-anniversary celebration of the musical “Chicago” on Wednesday, Nov. 17. It’s a musical about incarcerated women – facing much more serious charges than those Neuwirth faced. But it seems fitting that she would share her story on such an occasion.

Unsurprisingly, getting arrested was something the “Cheers” actress did not enjoy at all. “I didn’t like getting in trouble, that was no fun,” Bebe Neuwirth said. 

The actress also recalled that time in her life being a time when she wasn’t very well behaved. “I guess I did a lot of stuff when I was 13,” she also said.

‘Cheers’ Star Bebe Neuwirth Won a Tony Award for Her Work in ‘Chicago’

The “Cheers” star didn’t go to the 25th anniversary of “Chicago” just to talk about her arrest history. She was there to celebrate a musical that she spent years performing in.

When this revival of “Chicago” returned to Broadway in 1996, Bebe Neuwirth played the role of Velma Kelly. This is the role played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in the 2002 movie version. Neuwirth’s work in this role earned her a Tony Award.

In 2006, the “Cheers” actress returned to the cast of “Chicago.” This time, however, she played Roxie Hart. This role was played by Renee Zellweger in the movie. Then in 2014, Bebe Neuwirth played yet another role in “Chicago.” This was the role of the jail matron, Matron “Mama” Morton. Queen Latifah played this character in the film.

On Wednesday, Neuwirth looked back on her time in the famous musical as a very positive experience.

“It’s the degree of focus (that) is very, very extreme, but the whole experience is so joyful that whatever stamina of focus or physicality that it takes is really (challenging). I was sort of unaware of it because it was such a brilliant show and it was such a beautiful experience,” the actress explained.

Bebe Neuwirth Has Had a Long Career on Stage and Screen

Bebe Neuwirth’s career hasn’t just been about “Cheers,” “Frasier,” and “Chicago.” Although those are the roles she is most famous for, there have been many others.

According to Playbill, she has appeared in such shows as “A Chorus Line,” “Sweet Charity,” “Damn Yankees,” and “The Addams Family.” She won her first Tony Award in 1986 for her work in the musical “Sweet Charity.”

In addition to appearing in “Cheers” and “Frasier,” Bebe Neuwirth has appeared in such television shows as “Law & Order: Trial By Jury,” “The Good Wife,” “Madam Secretary,” and “Blue Bloods.”