‘Cheers’ Stars Explained How Important Director Jim Burrows Was to the Show

by Chase Thomas

You won’t find many shows as popular as and successful as Cheers was in its heyday. The show was an absolute hit with a loaded cast of characters.

Folks really loved spending time with the people who worked and hung out at the Cheers bar in Boston. It was a nice place to spend withes very different but all very important characters. They were all unique in their own way from Diane to Norm. Everyone played an important role and played it well. Well, some Cheers stars explained how important the man behind the camera, the director Jim Burrows was to the show.

“Yeah, Jimmy never really looked at us,” said Norm to Jane Lynch in an interview with several cast members. “He just walked around looking at the floor” he continued. Cliff from the show said he was “like a third base coach” in his directing style. However, it clearly worked. That even though the show did not soar early on, it caught on eventually and dominated for almost a decade.

‘Cheers’ Through the Years

The finale was tough for a lot of folks. Both on the set and off the set.

Glenn Charles told Variety about the show ending, “I remember the year before, after we’d finished a decade, thinking, ‘Ten seasons, that seems like a nice round number: five seasons with Shelley [Long], five with Kirstie [Alley].’ But then you go, ‘Well, it puts a lot of people out of work. …Let’s give it one more year!’ And then a few months later, after we’d committed to another year, Ted popped up and said this would be his last year, that he wanted to try other things.”

It was a great run, but it does make sense why there was some hesitation about ending the show from Charles’ perspective. A lot of people would need to find work elsewhere. However, Charles pointed out the star Ted Danson was ready to move on and that was that.

What about Diane, though? She was an early iconic character who left the program. Would she return for the program later on? Well, Shelley Long said about her return in the series finale, “It was a dream to have Diane come back. To have the show end the right way, you kind of needed to get some closure on that relationship. I think it was one of those things where people thought, ‘Well, the only thing we can do is ask [Shelley Long]. You can’t get a ‘yes’ until you ask a question.’ But she was an incredible trooper about it.”

Long returning was a big thing for the ending of Cheers. You can stream every episode of Cheers on Peacock.