‘Chicago Fire’: One Actor Had ‘No Idea’ What His Character’s Duties Were as a Firefighter

by Anna Dunn

One Chicago Fire actor actually had “no idea” what his character’s duties actually were as a firefighter. Thankfully, he had plenty of time to learn what kind of role he was getting himself into. The actor, Eamonn Walker, plays Battalion Chief Wallace Boden. But when he landed the part, he didn’t even know what a Battalion chief was.

“I had no idea what a deputy battalion chief was. I turned up with the rest of us actors. We sat in the Chicago Academy for Firefighters to learn. And if it wasn’t for Steve Chikerotis, who took us through what he knew and imbued us with a love and excitement that he had for the Chicago Fire Department – he pulled that into us,” the actor said in an interview with AssignmentX.

It also looks like Chikerotis was brutally honest with the actors, truly allowing them a nuanced look at the sacrifices many of the first responders make.

“He literally turned around and said, “This is what we do and this is why we do it. It’s because we care about the people. We’ve got other stuff going on – we have drinking issues, we’re adrenaline junkies, we’re all of that – but the truth of the matter is, is every single one of these first responders is willing to give their life for their fellow man,'” The Chicago Fire actor recalled.

Walker Still Didn’t Know the Details of the Job, But was Excited for his ‘Chicago Fire’ Role

After hearing what he did about the willingness first responders had to lay their lives on the line, Walker knew he wanted to play someone like that. It made learning the ins and outs of the job a lot more intriguing.

“When he started talking in the classroom, I was like, ‘I still don’t know what it is, but anyone who can make that kind of commitment to someone they don’t know, I want to portray.'” he said.

Walker joined Chicago Fire at the very beginning and is still on the show. His long-time co-star Jesse Spenser just left the show, but it looks like he’s still enjoying the ride. Spenser left the show because he decided it was time to spend some time with his family as well as pursue other projects.

The show will now look at who’s going to replace Casey and how the team will handle his absence moving forward. Boden will remain a character to keep an eye on as he considers his own future.

If you want to catch the next episode of Chicago Fire, the show premieres alongside the other shows in the Dick Wolf created One Chicago franchise every Wednesday Night on NBC. Chicago Fire airs at 9/8 Central.