‘Chicago Fire’ Actors Hilariously Explain Why They Don’t Give Feedback to Writers

by John Jamison

Talented as actors are, they don’t always have the best instincts for a story. Sure, there are plenty who have become incredibly successful as a result of their writing. Look at Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan. But it’s safe to say Chicago Fire stars Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte are happy to let their acting be their contribution to the show.

The two actors have appeared in more than 200 episodes of Chicago Fire since the show began in 2012. Joe Minoso plays firefighter Joe Cruz, and Stolte portrays Randy McHolland. Spending nearly a decade in their roles means the actors know their characters like the back of their hands. They probably have great character-specific suggestions regularly.

But at the end of the day, the writers’ responsibility is knowing all of the characters intimately. That provides them with a bird’s-eye view of the action and puts them in the best position to make good decisions for the show.

Frankly, they aren’t very concerned with what the actors have to say about the writing choices. At least, that’s what Stolte and Minoso would have us believe. The pair joked about how the writers’ room never comes to them for suggestions.

“They don’t ask us. If they asked us what we would be interested in, our show would be very different,” Minoso told Fangirlish recently.

“No one’s suggesting we would continue to get any viewers,” Stolte added on with a laugh. “I think it’s a good idea they’re not asking us for ideas.”

What Are ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Joe Minoso’s Favorite Moments from the Show?

Despite not having much influence on the writing process, Joe Cruz actor Joe Minoso doesn’t have many complaints about their work. In fact, the longtime Chicago Fire star spoke on some of his favorite moments, and they may surprise you.

They may even surprise the writers. One would think that an actor would relish the huge, climactic action moments where their characters are asked to run into burning buildings, etc. But for Joe Minoso and Christian Stolte, it’s the downtime on the back of the truck or sitting around in the firehouse that they really love.

“Everything between action and cut. Especially in those first couple of years, just whatever nonsense was filling our time, while they were setting up a giant fire and we were sitting on a freezing truck. Those will forever be the best memories for me,” said Minoso.

Stolte echoed those sentiments by saying, “It was all new to us, and we were all sort of marveling at the idea that we could get paid to hang out with this cool group of people. Any moment in the back of that truck where we’re laughing till tears come out of our eyes, that’s my favorite moment.”