‘Chicago Fire’ Already Replaced Jesse Spencer on Team Poster

by Lauren Boisvert

Jesse Spencer just left Chicago Fire and the show already took him off of the poster. Fans were heartbroken when they saw, one tweeting, “couldn’t you have maybe waited just a day or two to remove him from the poster.”

Stella Kidd is now a bit more prominent on the poster, which could hint that she’s going to take over Matt Casey’s job as commander. “We’re doing a major storyline [about] who’s going to be next to be the commanding officer of Truck 81,” showrunner Derek Hass has said previously. Stella currently hasn’t come back to claim that open spot at Firehouse 51, so that arc might play out over several episodes.

As for Sylvie Brett, Casey’s girlfriend, they’re now going into a long-distance relationship, with Casey in Portland, Oregon. Brett is going to have to navigate the ins and outs of long-distance for maybe the first time, so we’re going to see them possibly struggle a bit there.

Jesse Spencer said he wanted to leave to pursue other projects, and because of family obligations. “It was a difficult decision because I’ve loved the show from the start,” Spencer said “but there are other things I’d like to do in the future. There’s family I need to take care of, and 18 years is a long time.”

Spencer has been on network TV regularly since 2004, when he starred as Dr. Robert Chase on House. He then took the role as Captain Matt Casey on Chicago Fire, and played that character for 10 years. That’s a long time to be consistently working in television.

‘Chicago Fire’: Monica Raymund Wishes Jesse Spencer All the Best

Monica Raymund, who played Gabriela Dawson on Chicago Fire, spoke to Deadline in the wake of Jesse Spencer’s departure from the show. “I wish Jesse all the best,” she said. “I love him so much. They were so lucky to have him and I’m excited to see what he does next.”

Gabriela Dawson was a paramedic at Firehouse 51, and the ex-wife of Matt Casey. She was a paramedic in charge of Ambulance 61 but left to go be a paramedic in Puerto Rico. But, Raymund says she’s always willing to come back to her character. “I never close the door on Gabriela Dawson. The door is always open. I never say no to an opportunity to tell stories.”

Showrunner Derek Haas has admitted that he hates that Jesse Spencer is leaving the show. Spencer decided to leave in the 200th episode, and Haas said, “It was a very difficult episode to write […] But I thought the episode turned out really well. I just want to thank Jesse public for his amazing service and friendship. And for making the show incredible.”