‘Chicago Fire’ Alum Jesse Spencer Is In a Band With One Co-Star

by Shelby Scott

Unbelievably, it’s already been months since “Chicago Fire” co-leading actor, Jesse Spencer, departed from the long-running NBC series. In the time his character Matt Casey’s been missing, Firehouse 51 has seen a lot of change, drama, and developments. Several of those directly relate to the character’s leave. However, now, Jesse Spencer officially stepped away from television. With that, we’ve learned that he previously starred in a band alongside one former co-star.

Citing a very long career in network television, nearly two decades to be exact, the “Chicago Fire” alum shared he had personal reasons for leaving the show behind. Spencer stated, “there are other things I would like to do in the future, and there’s some family that I need to take care of.”

With that, “Chicago Fire” bid Matt Casey goodbye. Although to now allows us to reflect on the actor’s other unique talents.

Prior to starring on “Chicago Fire,” some Outsiders might recall Spencer played a prominent role in Fox’s medical drama, “House.” There, he starred alongside lead cast member Hugh Laurie, known for occupying the role of Dr. Gregory House himself.

Alongside their television career, Looper revealed the two also shared the spotlight in a cover band. They had reportedly been popular during the late 2000s and early 2010s. More recently, acting has been at the forefront of Spencer’s career. However, the outlet revealed the “Chicago Fire” alum is also a known vocalist and accomplished violinist.

The outlet further stated he’s talented in playing the mandolin, bass, guitar, ukelele, and piano. Who knew our former Firehouse 51 captain possessed such a strong musical affinity?

‘Chicago Fire’ Will Reveal More About Matt Casey’s Replacement

Following Jesse Spencer’s departure from “Chicago Fire,” showrunners pretty rapidly replaced the longtime fan-favorite character, temporarily filling his spot with Lieutenant Jason Pelham, played by Brett Dalton.

Immediately following the addition of Pelham at Firehouse 51, two of our senior members begin asking questions. Christopher Herrmann and Randal “Mouch” McHolland dig around regarding the character’s past and uncover an interesting incident. Eventually, we learn why Pelham had remained in the Lieutenant’s floater pool for so long. Although, despite what the guys find, Chief Boden looks deeper into the issue.

Soon enough, we learn Pelham isn’t the guy he’s initially made out as: angry, neurotic, and averse to authority. Boden later awards Pelham the permanent position on Truck 81, sure to later create conflict now that Stella Kidd‘s returned.

However, next week’s episode promises trouble for Pelham and we’re interested to see where further investigations lead.

In speaking to the new character’s situation, “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas revealed, “We’re going to look more into why [Pelham] was floating for as long as he was.” He added, “there are some enemies out there who were perfectly content to keep him out of the permanent leadership position. So that’s going to bring in the whole house.”

See what becomes of Pelham’s future at 51 during Wednesday’s brand new episode of “Chicago Fire” on NBC at 9 p.m. EST.