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‘Chicago Fire’: Are Chief Hawkins and Violet Dating?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Over the past few weeks on Chicago Fire, Chief Hawkins and Violet Mikami have had a lot of obvious chemistry. But during the lastest episode, the two took it to the next level.

In the show titled Show of Force, the firefighter and paramedic hooked up at a fancy gala. And Hawkins kissed his crush in front of his entire team.

Considering the fact that Hawkins has been trying to keep the relationship professional, it was a surprising gesture. And now we’re left wondering where the romance is headed.

So let’s delve into the possibilities.

As One Chicago Center notes, both Hawkins and Violet are single. So on a personal level, there is nothing major standing in the way of a relationship.

However, the two have been shy about labeling their flirtations because they weren’t sure how they felt about each other. And on top of that, Violet is still going through the gamut with her ex Gallo, who secretly wants to rekindle the flames.

But because she still has clear feelings for her former beau, it’s also possible that Violet is looking at Hawkins as a rebound. And whether it’s a conscious thought or not, Hawkins is her superior. So he doesn’t take dating an employee lightly. And if the two do date, and she ends up using him, it could be a catastrophe.

And that brings us to the most obvious issue with the budding relationship. Because of the professional rank gap, if anyone besides the team finds out about the kiss, Violet and Hawkins’ careers could be damaged—or worse, ruined.

So it’s hard to guess if the duo will make their romance official. They’re clearly heading in that direction. But it’s also possible that they’ll rethink the impulsive kiss and decide they should table the relationship.

In either case, the feelings they’re harboring for each other are certain to cause a lot of drama at the 51.

One ‘Chicago PD’ Actor Originally Hoped to Star in ‘Chicago Fire’

When LaRoyce Hawkins first set his sights in the One Chicago franchise, he hoped to star in Chicago Fire.

But During a 2015 interview with Chicago Magazine, the actor shared that the dream was smashed when the writers changed the race of the character that Hawkins was up for. So they immediately cut him from the pool of possible actors.

However, Hawkins still impressed the producers with his audition. And once they found out he was a Windy City native, they decided he needed to be a part in the franchise.

“When the writers and producers found out I was from Harvey, they were like, ‘Let’s make Atwater from Harvey,’” LaRoyce Hawkins told the Chicago Tribune during a separate interview. And, of course, he was happy to take the gig.