‘Chicago Fire’: Are Severide and Kidd Going To Split Up?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jim Spellman/Getty Images)

It looks like Stella Kidd’s decision to leave 51 to promote her Girls on Fire program isn’t just affecting her career. It’s also affecting her once blissful Chicago Fire romance.

On the season 10 winter premiere titled Back with a Bang, Kidd returned to the firehouse after effectively cutting ties with everyone she loves for a few weeks.

During the episode, Kidd tried to make things right with her fiance, Kelly Severide—and he told her that everything was ok. However, Severide spent the rest of the show pushing Kidd away. And now we’re wondering if he’s thinking of calling off the wedding.

During a recent chat with ET, showrunner Derek Haas said that all is not well between the Chicago Fire couple. And the rest of the season will show them struggling to survive.

“There’s a lot to talk about,” he said. “It’s both her place at the firehouse and her place with her relationship with him that’s going to need some major work-in-progress-type renovations. Major renovations.”

Last week’s episode highlighted how confused and angry Severide feels. While Kidd was ready to put the whole ordeal behind them, her beau wasn’t on the same page.

“He doesn’t know quite how to react to that situation of being ignored… or abandoned for the most part, even if the reasons were good and noble,” Haas added. “This is going to be a source of concern going into the second half of the season.”

Why did Kidd Ghost Severide on ‘Chicago Fire’?

Of course, no one can blame Kelly Severide for putting some distance between himself and Stella Kidd. Despite trying, she never could fully explain why she simply left everyone behind.

During an interview with TV Line, Kidd’s actress Miranda Rae Mayo gave some more insight into the situation. And according to her, Kidd has some issues to work out before she can commit to anything.

“She just kind of got paralyzed,” she revealed.

As Mayo shared, Stella Kidd’s entire life was about to change before she hit the road. First, the man she loved got down on one knee. And then, the promotion she’d been wanting for years finally opened up, and the department had their eyes on her.

But all of that responsibility made her panic. And instead of confronting her feelings, she ran.

“Basically, you’ll see in Episode 10 that essentially it’s easy, I think, for [Severide] and for viewers to think that she’s nervous about getting married.,” Mayo continued. ” But I honestly think that Stella loves that man so much. There’s no one that she would rather be with. It’s just a lot of pressure, getting married. Stepping into a leadership position, especially after Casey. I think the pressure got to her. She just kind of leaned into what felt like home, doing Girls on Fire and being surrounded by women and really excelling with that project that she started that was like her baby.”