‘Chicago Fire’: Biggest Spoilers Ahead of Tonight’s Season 10, Episode 8

by Samantha Whidden

Get ready, Chicago Fire, fans! Here are some big spoilers ahead of the NBC’s hit series’ season 10 episode 8 premiere, which will air tonight (November 10th).

According to TheCinemaholic, in Chicago Fire’s latest episode, titled What Happened at Whiskey Point?, there is a new lieutenant of Firehouse 51. Jason Pelham (played by Brett Dalton), is going to “ruffle some features” while Chief Boden (portrayed by Eamonn Walker) is going to keep an eye on Pelham to see if he is an asset for the Firehouse. 

It was then revealed that the conflict between Pelham and Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) will reach a boiling point when Gallo apparently disobeys Pelham’s orders. Meanwhile, Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) will also have issues with each other. 

The latest episode of Chicago Fire will premiere at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. The episode is reportedly the last episode before the series goes on a mid-season break. 

‘Chicago Fire’ Showrunner Derek Haas Shares More Details About Season 10 

During a recent interview with TVBrittanyF, Chicago Fire showrunner, Derek Haas, shared more details about how he and his crew approached the show’s tenth season. “We really built a storyline heading towards the fifth episode. Which, it’s weird, because generally speaking, we promote the premiere We promote the winter finale. We promote any other big cliffhangers. We don’t usually promote the fifth season.”

The Chicago Fire showrunner also predicted that this season was going to be very different from other seasons. When asked if he has noticed a dynamic change as characters got promoted or aged, Haas answered, “I don’t know that the dynamic has changed, because we still try to fill every episode with some personal stories; some drama in the firehouse or outside the firehouse; comedy; some suspense; and action. All those things.”

Haas also believes that every individual episode of Chicago Fire that he and his team write is just trying to put those themes in all at once. “As far as the characters, seeing further into their future… for me, it’s fun. Because you get to play off of really long history.”

When asked about Hanako Greensmith being promoted to a series regular, the Chicago Fire showrunner explained that she’s more fixed in Firehouse 51 in the tenth season. “What I really like last year [s] we ended the season with Ritter, Gallo, and Violet saying, ‘We should do a business like Molly’s. Herrmann and Mouth have Mollys. And Casey has his construction business. We should do a business.’ We just jumped on that [in season 10].”

Haas goes on to add that Chicago Fire fans are going to see a lot more of Gallo, Violet, and Ritter in the show’s tenth season. “Which we always think is fun.”