‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Answers Biggest Burning Question About Lt. Seager

by Shelby Scott

Season 10 of “Chicago Fire” has seen much drama ensue following the abrupt departure of Captain Matt Casey. However, the long absence of new Lieutenant Stella Kidd and the ongoing awkwardness between paramedic Violet Mikami and fireman Blake Gallo also adds to the show’s dramatic plotlines. Now though, one show boss has answered a burning question regarding a recurring character.

Squad Lieutenant Kelly Severide has struggled this season to maintain his relationship with Stella Kidd. Meanwhile, he has also navigated some intense rescue calls and arson investigations. As such, showrunner Derek Haas has revealed that we haven’t seen the last of recurring character Wendy Seager. Nor have we seen Severide work his latest arson investigation.

Severide Remains Torn Between Squad and Arson Investigation

As a brief reminder, Severide worked alongside Seager briefly during his temporary switch to arson investigation several seasons ago. While it’s definitely an interest of his, the “Chicago Fire” character remains committed to Squad 3 at Firehouse 51. However, during Stella’s long absence, viewers watched as arson investigator Lt. Wendy Seager continues to pressure Severide into switching back to the arson investigation unit. We’ve also watched as the character continues her flirtations with our Squad 3 lieutenant despite his engagement to Stella.

Of Seager and Severide’s future in arson investigation, the “Chicago Fire” showrunner said, “Making Severide interested in arson and having a knack for it lends itself to some cool stories that we just wouldn’t normally tell in a show about just a firehouse.”

That said, Haas continued, “Seager and Van Meter…love Severide. They want him to work there.”

He added that Severide’s interest in arson allows writers to bring back both arson investigation characters from time to time. Overall, he stated, “You haven’t seen the last of Seager” this season.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Are Unhappy About Seager’s Return

While “Chicago Fire” has seen a host of recurring characters over its 10 seasons on NBC, none have divided the audience as much as arson investigator Lieutenant Wendy Seager. She definitely compliments Severide during his various arson cases. However, she frequently acts as a dividing force between Severide and his fiancé Stella.

Her intelligence and bright personality surely contribute to the character’s likability. However, others are angered with the character as she literally asked our beloved lieutenant out in Stella’s absence. One fan wrote on Twitter, “Not Wendy asking Severide out now that Stella isn’t around.”

Longtime fans might remember that Wendy frequently came between the two characters until Severide and Stella sorted out the issue and talked about it openly.

Nevertheless, it appears that when “Chicago Fire” returns in January, Seager might have a much easier chance of hooking up with Severide if things continue with Stella down the incredibly rocky path the two have been on since early this season.