‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Reveals What’s in Store for ‘Brettsey’

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago Fire” fans have had a bit of a rough go of it these past few weeks. Specifically, fans of Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey’s relationship. As we know, Matt Casey left Firehouse 51 to move to Portland, Oregon and raise the Darden boys. Jesse Spencer’s departure from the show was a bit of a shock, and fans were left wondering what that means for Brett and Casey’s new romance.

Are they going to break up, or try out the long-distance thing? Showrunner Derek Haas has a few clues as to what’s in store for the pair.

Haas recently spoke with TV Guide about the show, and when asked what’s coming up for Brett and Casey, he replied, “Yeah, they’re solid. She’s going to go see him at some point in the season.”

Not only does this bode well for Sylvie Brett, but also for fans of Matt Casey and Jesse Spencer. When Spencer left, citing new creative projects and family time as the reason, it seemed like he really wouldn’t be back again. It’s possible these scenes were filmed before he left, so technically he won’t really be back for anything new. Currently, we don’t know when Brett and Casey will see each other again, so it will truly be a surprise for all of us.

‘Chicago Fire’: One Character’s Unexpected Return

In the “Chicago Fire” winter finale, one character who fans were hoping to see actually came back; Stella Kidd showed up unannounced at Kelly Severide’s apartment. Fans were thrilled to see her again, as she’s been out of Chicago promoting her Girls on Fire program across the country. She revealed some things to Severide that will definitely strain their relationship more than it already is; she’s scared of commitment.

Derek Haas spoke with CinemaBlend about the moment when she returns, and what it means for her place at the Firehouse. “The finale is the beginning of, we get to see Kidd again, so you’re going to start answering questions about why she’s been gone,” Haas said. “And a lot of questions she has to answer regarding, just personally, ‘Why did you shut down on me?’ is what Severide would like to know.”

According to Haas, Stella has a lot to answer for. She hasn’t been in contact with anyone the entire time she’s been gone. “Professionally, ‘Why did you not come claim this lieutenant spot?’ is what Boden wants to know,” Haas continued. According to Haas, that’s going to be a big factor on the show coming up.

“That becomes a big driving force of the next episode,” said Haas. “And then this musical chairs game of there’s a lieutenant seat open but not enough chairs, too many people and not enough chairs. So how’s that going to work out at our firehouse? That doesn’t mean everyone can stay. And so that becomes a driving force in the second half of the season.”