‘Chicago Fire’ Boss Sends Big Warning About Character’s Holiday-Themed Episode Return

by Lauren Boisvert

Things are heating up on “Chicago Fire” after the winter finale, which aired on Dec. 8. The holiday-themed episode saw a Santa impaled on a Christmas tree, Fire Goat Pale Ale winning the beer contest and the return of a long-awaited character. Stella Kidd returned unannounced.

Showrunner Derek Haas spoke with CinemaBlend about the unexpected character appearance. What does that mean for Stella as Lieutenant, and Stella and Severide’s relationship?

“The finale is the beginning of, we get to see Kidd again, so you’re going to start answering questions about why she’s been gone,” Haas said. As for why she’s been gone, she took a furlough from Firehouse 51 to promote her Girls on Fire program across the country. Haas continued, “And a lot of questions she has to answer regarding, just personally, ‘Why did you shut down on me?’ is what Severide would like to know.”

Stella and Severide’s relationship has been strained; he hasn’t heard from her at all. According to their meeting in the finale, when she shows up at his apartment, she’s afraid of commitment. She can’t commit to Severide, so she’s been essentially stringing him along. It probably took a lot for her to reveal that, though.

“Professionally, ‘Why did you not come claim this lieutenant spot?’ is what Boden wants to know,” Haas continued. Stella was everyone’s pick for the open lieutenant position when Matt Casey left on “Chicago Fire.” But, she never showed up to claim it. Did anyone reach out to tell her? That could be another reason she stayed away for so long.

‘Chicago Fire’: Derek Haas Talks Stella Kidd

On “Chicago Fire,” Stella Kidd is back, but who knows for how long. Personally and professionally, she’s got some questions to answer, according to showrunner Derek Haas. He spoke about the fact that she didn’t come back to claim the lieutenant spot and how that would affect the dynamic on the show.

“That becomes a big driving force of the next episode,” said Haas. “And then this musical chairs game of there’s a lieutenant seat open but not enough chairs, too many people and not enough chairs. So how’s that going to work out at our firehouse? That doesn’t mean everyone can stay. And so that becomes a driving force in the second half of the season.”

Haas also spoke of Severide’s reactions to seeing Stella again. It’s the holiday season, and “I don’t think he’s too merry because he’s been basically ignored by his fiancée when he’s been trying to tell her, ‘You need to get back here and claim your spot as lieutenant of Truck 81 if that’s what you want.’ And she hasn’t responded, so he’s frustrated in this episode.”

But it all comes down to, what if Truck 81 isn’t what Stella wants? What if she found greener pastures out there with her program, and she wants to stick with that? Hopefully, she gets to make her own decisions.