‘Chicago Fire’: Brett Dalton Reveals Behind-Scenes Pic of ‘Exhausting’ Shoot

by Allison Hambrick

“Chicago Fire” star Brett Dalton shared a behind-the-scenes look at the set during the filming of the latest episode.

“[Christian Stolte] speaks for all of us in this picture,” Dalton captioned a post on his Instagram. “It was an exhausting episode to shoot. But in the end, worth it! Catch an all-new episode of [Chicago Fire] tonight!”

In addition to Dalton, Chicago Fire stars Taylor Kinney, Christian Stolte, Miranda Rae Mayo, and others. The series was created by powerhouse producer Dick Wolfe. It is the flagship series of the Chicago franchise, which also includes Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Justice. The series also shares continuity with Wolf’s Law & Order franchise.

Chicago Fire remains consistently popular amongst NBC’s viewers. The past season brought in a solid 9.95 million viewers, second only to Sunday Night Football. Additionally, its spinoffs ranked third and fourth. Chicago P.D. had 9.25 million viewers, while Chicago Med had 9.17 million viewers.

Dalton is a relatively new addition to the cast as Lt. Jason Pelham. He joined the series in its tenth season. Showrunner Derek Haas teased that this new face may stick around for a while.

Chicago Fire Showrunner Talks Brett Dalton’s Character

Pelham’s arrival caused some drama when he took the role of Lieutenant. Another character Stella Kidd previously sought the role. However, she made the decision to focus her efforts on her Girls on Fire Program. When she did this, Kidd burnt some bridges with her team. Those wounds might take a while to heal, and it’s not Pelham’s fault that the lieutenant role was up for grabs.

“Pelham is going to be sticking around for a minute,” Haas explained. “You saw Boden offer him the lieutenant spot in this episode, which puts him rightfully in the firehouse family now. This is a guy who bounced around through no fault of his own.”

Interestingly, Haas repeatedly mentioned how Pelham earned his spot as lieutenant. That may very well be the thing that most upsets Kidd. She is in this position because of her choices, and Pelham did nothing shady to take the promotion. In fact, he fits right into the team, and Deputy Chief Boden seems to like him.

“Getting to work with Boden would be any firefighter’s dream,” the showrunner added. “So he’s not ready to just skip on out of there because Kidd decided to return.”

Either way, the rivalry between Kidd and Pelham will be a primary focus of the series moving forward. Finding out which firefighter will be lieutenant by the end of the season will be a bumpy ride.

New episodes of Chicago Fire air Wednesdays at 9 p.m. eastern. Fans can also catch both Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m., respectively.