‘Chicago Fire’: Brett Reunites With Scott and Amelia in Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott

The Christmas holiday has officially concluded. Now, Outsiders can turn their focus to other important events taking place in January. Namely, federal tax returns and the return of some of our favorite television series and franchises after their midseason hiatus. Over on NBC, Outsiders are more than ready for the return of “Chicago Fire” on Wednesday, January 5th and it appears, following the return, paramedic Sylvie Brett will receive one surprising family reunion.

After several weeks without “Chicago Fire,” Outsiders can expect the hit series to return with a bang, quite literally actually. Episode 10 of this ongoing tenth season actually features the title, “Back with a Bang,” and fans can surely expect some explosive drama to ensue. The synopsis reveals that, following Stella Kidd‘s last-minute return during the midseason finale, she has a lot of explaining to do with her arrival back in Chicago.

A Review: Scott and Amelia, Who?

That said, the following episode of “Chicago Fire,” airing on Wednesday, January 12th, puts an emphasis on paramedic Sylvie Brett. The synopsis reveals she reunites with her half-sister Amelia and Amelia’s father, Scott.

Debuting with the title, “Fog of War,” the episode 11 synopsis reveals, “Brett is visited by Scott and Amelia.”

While we’re not provided any details regarding their reunion, we can bet it will be an emotional one.

Outsiders might recall Brett previously reunited with her birth mother, Julie, in season eight. At first, Brett is unsure how to feel. Soon enough though, the two quickly develop an affectionate relationship. From there, the paramedic learns Julie is preparing to welcome her second daughter, Amelia.

As Julie nears her due date, Brett and the older woman bond, the paramedic is quick to assist the mom-to-be throughout. Unfortunately, we find out that Julie dies of complications during labor, however, her infant daughter survives.

The storyline closes out as Scott insists Brett has to take Amelia as he can’t parent her without Julie. As always, Brett serves as a dependable and foundational character, encouraging Scott to take those first steps in fatherhood.

Now, during the January 12th episode, we’ll get to see just how well Scott has faired. That’s in addition to how Brett and he have maintained their relationship, and also just how much Amelia’s grown.

‘Chicago Fire’ to Feature Intense Rescue for Episode 11

While Brett has her own family reunion in the mid-January episode, the rest of the storylines seem to take a unique spin from how things have proceeded lately.

The remainder of the synopsis, courtesy of CarterMatt, reads, “On a call with Station 37, a firefighter is struck by a power line and decides to lash out after her injury…Violet gets a surprise envelope. The rest of 51 enters a contest.”

As for the power line incident, it definitely sounds like a tense situation, sure to add to any impending drama. Violet’s envelope definitely poses some interesting questions and situations, given her potentially developing affection for Field Chief Hawkins.

And as far as the contest goes? Let’s just say, like all group firehouse endeavors, Outsiders are sure to get some laughs out of this one.