‘Chicago Fire’: Brian Baumgartner From ‘The Office’ Once Played This Unlikable Character During Season 5

by Anna Dunn

Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin on the office, once played an unlikable Chicago Fire character in season 5. Baumgertner’s hilarious portrayal of Kevin, which has secured his place in meme infamy, was absolutely beloved. But most fans could do without the character he played in season 5.

Baumgartner played a character named Scott Powers. He was an attorney who featured on the episode, That Day, which is the 5th season’s 6th episode. But the character was sleazy at best. He appears after Gabriela Dawson hits a pedestrian with a firetruck. Powers almost immediately arrives on scene to take photos and collect evidence.

But when he takes pictures of the truck, he also takes photos of minor dents that were from months prior. And he definitely doesn’t have any interest in anything other than a nice payday. This was definitely far from the funny Kevin Malone character. And while fans didn’t like the character, Baumgartner played him well, and he was fun to see on the series.

Since his role on The Office, Baumgartner has had roles in Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Scream Queens, Trash Truck, Rumble, and many other movies and shows.

‘Chicago Fire’ Just Shocked Fans in a Recent Episode

It’s been many seasons since Brian Baumgartner’s guest appearance. There have been plenty of guests since, and the show is still thriving in the ratings. All in all, Chicago Fire is still going strong.

And last week’s episode was definitely no exception. In fact, a lot of fans were wowed by the episode, which took a look at a lot of the characters’ personal lives during a gala. In the episode, Violet and Chief Hawkins, who have had chemistry for years, shared a kiss.

Some fans were thrilled with the direction these two characters are going. Others are a bit skeptical. After all, he technically ranks higher than her. If anyone were to find out about this, it could really hurt both of their careers.

Now, fans are wondering if the two are going to try and date in secret, or if they’ll try and forget about the kiss that happened in last week’s episode.

The episode also saw Kidd and Severide finally start to patch things up. Kidd has been away for a good portion of the season, but when she was gone helping out the Girls on Fire program, she wasn’t very communicative about when she’d come back. And now that she’s back, she and Severide need to work to mend fences. Thankfully, Severide gave her that long-promised engagement ring last episode, and it looks like they’ll continue to work at making things right.

If you want to see what happens next, Chicago Fire airs on Wednesdays at 9/8 central on NBC.