‘Chicago Fire’: Capp Actor Randy Flagler Doesn’t Mind Taking a Background Role

by Anna Dunn

Taking a background tole isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, Capp actor Randy Flagler doesn’t mind his background role on Chicago Fire. Just because Flagler plays a background character, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten the opportunity to work on tons of episodes. The actor has been a part of the hit series since its start.

He discussed this in a 2017 interview with One Chicago Center.

“I’ve done pretty much every episode,” Flagler told the publication. “They use us during the events. With the fires and all that stuff, and there are a lot of times you’ll see us sitting at the squad table and so on.”

The background actors also know how they’re going to be portrayed on television. Additionally, they know when they’re needed beforehand, so it never comes as a shock when they aren’t really featured.

“When there’s developments between Casey and Dawson and they’re at home, it wouldn’t make any sense why Capp and Tony are around,” he joked. “I know for me, I don’t really worry about that stuff. We get to read the scripts and we get to see how it ends up on television. Basically when we’re called to duty, I think we both just show up.”

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Actor’s Role on the Show actually Accomplishes a Childhood Dream

Not only does Flagler not mind the fact that his character often gets sidelined to the background, but his role on Chicago Fire means a lot to him. With his role, he gets to fulfill an important childhood dream of his. When he was a kid, he really wanted to be a firefighter.

Now, he plays one on TV, which helps spread awareness about the heroicism of firefighters and what they do to save lives.

“To have a gig and be a firefighter – to put on the gear and the tank and run into fires and play with the trucks and rigs and sirens going down the road – it is a dream job. An acting gig and a firefighter? It was the best job for me,” he explained about his role on the show.

Randy Flagler remains on Chicago Fire to this day. It looks like his role on the show sucks up a majority of his acting time, because he’s had few additional credits over the years. He’s had previous credits on The Young and The Restless, Boyband, and Raising Junior. But it looks like with Chicago Fire, the actor found his true calling.

If you want to watch Chicago Fire, the show is currently on a bit of a hiatus. The show returns on December 8th and after that airs on Wednesdays at 9/8 CT.