‘Chicago Fire’ Star Christian Stolte Thinks He’s ‘Aging a Bit More Quickly’ Because of Show

by Joe Rutland

Actor Christian Stolte of Chicago Fire believes that the NBC first responder show is playing havoc with his aging process.

Stolte, who plays Randall “Mouch” McHolland on the show, addressed the situation in an article from One Chicago Center.

He said that it would be “heartbreaking because this show has been the gig of a lifetime.

“The people I get to work with are the best group of people I could possibly ask for,” the Chicago Fire star said. “The show does beat me up a little bit.

“I think I’m aging a bit more quickly [working] on the show, so maybe that would have been the bright side of my character dying,” Stolte said. “But it didn’t work out that way, so lucky me.”

The actor has been a part of the show all of its current 10 seasons. Stolte was a recurring character in Season 1 before getting promoted to full-time status in Season 2.

Chicago Fire is part of NBC’s One Chicago block of shows on Wednesday nights. Med and P.D. also take up residency as show creator Dick Wolf again has one of his franchises highlighting the NBC prime-time lineup.

Also, you can catch past episodes of these shows on the Peacock Network.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Talks About Newcomers Joining Cast Of NBC Show

It might sound like tough love to some Outsiders. But Stolte has a belief about newcomers who join Chicago Fire and the cast.

He keeps it pretty simple for those who come to Firehouse 51: “They either get it, or they don’t last very long.”

But don’t think that the actor is wishing ill on actors who come along.

The Chicago Fire actor says the ones that stick around become something like family. Stolte said cast members don’t “tend to take ourselves very seriously.”

Stolte adds “We mock ourselves and each other all the time and once in a while…each of us realizes we’re pretty good at this.”

Guest Star Andre Bellos Opens Up That He’s Appearing in Holiday Episode

David Eigenberg, Stolte’s co-star, said, “Everybody is on board…There’s never been a moment of someone going like I’m not doing it like that type thing.” Eigenberg said there are “many selfless, how can I help make this work” moments.

As these moments roll along, Chicago Fire will be having a holiday-themed episode airing soon.

How do we know, Outsiders?

Actor Andre Bellos opens up about it in an interview.

“I will be in the Chicago Fire holiday episode on NBC this season leading up to Christmas,” he said to Digital Journal. Bellos adds he’ll be in HBO Max’s South Side Season 2. Also, he’s in the comedy movie Hot Mess Holiday debuting on Comedy Central on Dec. 22nd.