‘Chicago Fire’ Star Christian Stolte Shouts Out Costars: ‘The World Is a Better Place Because They’re In It’

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire star Christian Stolte recently gave an incredibly kind shoutout to his fellow co-stars. Stolte, who plays Randall McHolland on the series gave a shoutout to his female co-stars.

Stolte has been on the series since 2012 when the show began. So he’s had plenty of time to get to know his co-stars and the crew members who make the show possible. And today, he’s celebrating the women of the show.

Hanako Greensmith, who is on the right, is newer to the cast. She plays Violet Mikami. She responded to the tweet with her own incredibly kind response.

“I can’t even tell you just how much I adore this man,” she responded.

And Kara Killmer (left) plays Sylvie Brett, whose had a bit of a rough season. All three of these women have shined on the show, and been an inspiration to plenty of young girls and boys watching at home.

Miranda Rae Mayo, in the center of the picture, recently made her highly anticipated return. The Stella Kidd actress is back on the show, and while her future on it was in question for a brief period of time, it looks like she’s here to stay.

Some are Worried Kidd and Severide Will Break Up on ‘Chicago Fire’

Some Chicago Fire fans are worried about the future of Kidd and Severide’s relationship. After all, Kidd did wind up leaving for weeks longer than initially planned with not much explanation, and Severide really had to stick his neck out for her while she was away.

In the episode where Kidd returns, Back With a Bang, Kidd tries to make things right with the people she left behind, especially Severide. While Severide tries to say everything is fine, it’s clear it is very much not fine. He spends a good chunk of the rest of the episode pushing her away.

So, clearly, something is up, and communication is going to be key here. They have a lot to talk about. But fans like them together and are really hoping Severide is going to be able to open up about what’s on his mind so they can pull through.

Chicago Fire airs on Wednesday Night at 9/8 central sandwiched between the other two shows in the One Chicago franchise. Chicago Med airs at 8/7 central and Chicago PD closes the night at 10/9 central. Tonight, the episode will find a lot of the team in the Chicago Aquarium.