‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Thinks He’ll Only Have ‘Grandpa Roles’ By Show’s End

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

Christian Stolte has gotten comfortable on the set of Chicago Fire, and he’s not planning on leaving the series any time soon. Unless, of course, it’s to play a cowboy.

Randy “Mouch” McHolland actor Christian Stolte is one of nine actors who have been with Chicago Fire since episode one. The 59-year-old actor enjoys the stability and comfort he’s found with the series over the past nine years. But in the back of his mind, Stolte knows his long run as Mouch could make it hard to find jobs in the future.

However, he’s not worried enough to walk away from Chicago Fire. At this point, he’s thrilled to have a steady job with people he truly enjoys.

“That’s the entire push-pull of the whole situation,” Stolte told NBC affiliate KGET. “After 10 seasons, the level of comfort I have with the people I work with on our sets and on our locations, it will be hard for me to ever have that feeling again. The idea of consistent employment for an actor is insane.”

Sometimes, Stolte’s curiosity gets the best of him, though. And he thinks about trading in his fire hat for a cowboy hat.

“In the meantime, I do get that impulse to go play a cowboy,” he admitted. “I want to play a member of a motorcycle gang. I just turned 59 so I am aging out of. By the time I wrap this show, it will strictly be grandpa roles for me.”

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Killmer Talks Killed-Off Character

Last season on Chicago Fire, Sylvie Brett finally met her little sister and birth mother, Julie. During a four-episode arch, the characters built a bond. And Julie seemed to be a great addition to the story and the cast. But Julie didn’t stick around long. Instead, the writers killed her off.

In many cases, characters die on screen because the actors want out of their contracts. Or they don’t resonate well with fans. But that wasn’t the case for Julie. As Brett’s actress Kara Killmer explained to Tell-Tale last year, Julie was always destined to die. It was part of a larger plan to unite Brett with her now long-distance beau, Matthew Casey.

“Ultimately it was really about Casey and Brett getting closer,” Killmer disclosed. “And so, hopefully, there will still be a lot of joy to kind of be derived out of her relationship with her baby sister, as soon as we’re able to shoot safely with kids and stuff.”

When Julie died, Kilmer was just as sad for herself as she was for her character. Kilmer and Julie’s actor Kelly Deadmon had themselves “a grand time” working together. They got along so well that they spent the following Valentine’s Day together.

In the end, Kara Kilmer was sad to see Julie go, but she’s excited to see what the introduction of a little sister brings to the story.

“I so want to play with a little sister as soon as possible,” Kilmer continued. “And I think that’s so Sylvie, too. I think she’s totally got the big sister or like, mommy vibe about her. It was such a gut-punch losing her birth mom. And Kelly Deadmon, who played Julie, was so wonderful. “