‘Chicago Fire’: Could Leslie Shay Actor Lauren German Make an Appearance at the Stellaride Wedding?

by Hannah Heser

Chicago Fire fans have seen a lot of the cast members come and go. But they’ve been wondering one thing. “Could Leslie Shay make an apperance at the Stellaride wedding in the next episode?” Well Outsiders, let’s discuss.

Over the last 10 seasons, Chicago Fire has given us some pretty shocking endings. However, the writers have found ways to bring certain characters back into the show. Whether it’s just for one episode or a short scene, fans might get to catch up with their favorite character again.

Fans would love to see Lauren German who played Leslie Shay make a surprise appearance. Do you think she will? Let’s keep reading.

Will Leslie Shay Appear on Chicago Fire Again?

Since her character resulted in an unfortunate loss on the show, it’s going to be a difficult for writers to incorporate her. But, it would be a nice touch. They could bring her back through flashbacks, a dream sequence, or an appearance on one of the DVD’s that Taylor Kinney’s character has in storage, according to One Chicago Center.

Additionally, a Stellaride wedding is quickly approaching and fans would love nothing more than to have Leslie Shay there. Can you imagine her return during this point in the show? It would be awesome to see her interact with Severide again. If you need a refresher, Severide is played by Taylor Kinney on the show and Lauren’s character had a huge impact on him.

Now that Lucifer has ended, the directors have a better chance with bringing her back since she’ll be less busy. All we can do is hope for the best right now, though.

Other Cast Members That Need to Return to the Show

Despite fans wanting to see Leslie Shay again, One Chicago Center also listed a few other cast members who might make a surprise appearance. For instance, Peter Mills, Otis, Jesse Spencer, and Gabby Dawson. Wouldn’t it be great if they all reunited for one giant episode? That would sure make Chicago Fire fans excited.

How familiar are we with these remaining characters? Peter Mills was one of the show’s most beloved characters while Gabby is one of the most iconic characters, according to the news outlet.

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