‘Chicago Fire’: Could Pelham Become 51’s New Battalion Chief?

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire sees Truck 81 at a bit of a crossroads. Right now, there are two people qualified to lead it and one available spot. Both Kidd and Pelham are qualified and willing to take on the role of lieutenant.

The dilemma began following the exit of Matt Casey. The character was a key part of the series, and fans were shocked when actor Jesse Spencer decided to leave the show. But now, with Casey gone, there’s a new role available.

Most fans, and fellow characters, believed that Stella Kidd would take over. But when she went touring out of state with the Girls on Fire Program and was away for longer than expected. During this time, Pelham became a more permanent part of the crew.

And when Kidd came back, she still wasn’t sure about taking over as Lieutenant. However, she’s also a bit skeptical about Pelham in that position.

But now we have a problem at hand. We have two people qualified for the position. And two people who want to stay with the 51.

One way to solve the problem would be having Pelham take over as the Battalion chief and Kidd taking over Could Pelham instead take over Boden’s job as battalion chief?

‘Chicago Fire’ Could Keep Both Characters in the 51, But Will They?

It would be a huge stretch for Pelham to take that position. He hasn’t even made captain yet. However, if the writers want a creative way to keep both characters, this could be a way to do it. And he’s made it perfectly clear he’s out for Boden and his job.

However, from what it sounds like based on interviews with people who work on the show, Pelham is going to be sticking around for a while.

Though, his career and time with firehouse 51 almost came to an end in last week’s episode. Kilbourne makes false claims about Pelham’s conduct, and as a result, Pelham is almost let go. And his career was saved by none other than Kidd, his rival. The two have gotten closer over the weeks. They may not have liked each other at first, but they’ve formed a fairly professional relationship.

Stella’s trip with Girls on Fire, and her lack of communication with the firehouse, has also caused a rift in her personal relationship with Severide. Luckily, it seems like they’ve patched things up and decided to work on their relationship.

Overall, Matt Casey’s departure has not led to a clean transition of power here, but Chicago Fire fans are enjoying every second of it. The show is going on hiatus right now for the Winter Olympic Games, but if you want to catch up on all the drama and action you can stream it on Paramount +.