‘Chicago Fire’ Creator Teases the Next ’10 Years’ of the Show

by Joe Rutland

Outsiders, a lot of you enjoy watching NBC’s “One Chicago” franchise of shows, especially “Chicago Fire.” But what did its creator say?

Dick Wolf, the mastermind behind this and other broadcast franchises, said something recently about the future of “Chicago Fire.” It was picked up by TVLine in advance of the show airing its 200th episode.

Wolf said, “May the last 10 years merely be the precursor to the next 10.” This was at a cake-cutting event in celebration of show No. 200.

Did showrunner Derek Haas share that view? Well, the show co-creator said, “I said to my own family, ‘As long as the audience keeps watching, we’ll keep making them’… It is mind-blowing that we still have these longtime, faithful watchers, plus a few new ones. So it feels like there’s an appetite for it.”

Sounds like a plan right there.

“Chicago Fire” airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central, on NBC. Cast members include Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, and David Eigenberg.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Eigenberg Talked About ‘Privilege’ of Playing First Responder

Eigenberg, who plays Senior Firefighter Christopher Herrmann, has been on the show since its first season.

In advance of Episode No. 200, Eigenberg talked about being able to play these everyday heroes during a recent interview.

He said that he felt like “Chicago Fire” was one of the first shows to truly do a deep dive around playing firefighters.

“We saw them through the whole shift and in parts of their lives,” Eigenberg said, “and it’s been truly been a real pleasure and a privilege in my life to portray them.”

The actor made sure readers knew that the show’s cast does spend time with firefighters and first responders who are out on the front lines regularly.

The “Chicago Fire” cast comes to work and tries to “bring the heart out of what first responders do,” Eigenberg said. “They see what nobody should ever have to see. There’s nothing more special or a privilege to spend time with a first responder.”

Wolf-Created TV Show Staying Strong Among Others in Wednesday Night Block

When a show lasts as long as “Chicago Fire” on TV, there might be a tendency to look at its ratings with a questionable eye.

Meaning, do viewers really tune in by the multitudes to watch the show?

Outsiders, let’s look back at viewership totals from Wednesday, Oct. 13, for some perspective.

According to Deadline, “Chicago Fire” pocketed 7.1 million viewers. It blew out the other competition.

Let’s also look at “Chicago Med” and “P.D.” for their totals. “Med” had 6.7 million viewers; “P.D.” had 5.1 million.

That’s quite a haul for the program block. Looks like all three “One Chicago” shows will be around for a bit.