‘Chicago Fire’ Star David Eigenberg’s New Film Was Directed by Show’s Ex-Director

by Megan Molseed

In 2018, Chicago Fire star David Eigenberg was featured in a powerful political thriller titled An Acceptable Loss.

While Eigenberg’s role in the film was a brief one, it certainly made an impact. And, the star notes in an interview with One Chicago Center, he was excited about his part in the hit movie, especially considering who he got to work with while filming.

The director of the hit thriller An Acceptable loss, Joe Chappelle, has spent his prolific career working on a variety of projects including installations in the hit NBC One Chicago franchise.

“I have been pretty close to Joe all these years we’ve worked together,” says Chicago Fire’s David Eigenberg of the An Acceptable Loss director.

“He is an amazing talent,” Eigenberg adds of Chappelle.

Eigenberg Discusses Working On Film With Former ‘Chicago Fire’ Director

The Chicago Fire actor went on to say that when Joe Chappelle and his wife producer Colleen Griffen contacted him about the role in the 2018 film it was a project on which he immediately jumped. In fact, Eigenberg says, he was “blown away” by the script.

“I told them I would do anything—even just stand in the background for them,” the actor says. “I admire them so much.”

In the film, which also stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Tika Sumpter, Eigenberg portrays a professor who confronts Sumpter’s former security advisor, Libby Lamm when she takes on a faculty position at his university. It is a small part for sure. But one that makes a lasting impact on the film.

And, Eigenberg says, much of this can be attributed to the talents of the former Chicago Fire director.

“Joe is an incredibly focused director and does so much homework, as he did on Fire,” says David Eigenberg.

“He storyboards everything,” the Chicago Fire star continues. “And frankly I desire directors who do that.”

Flexibility Is Key

David Eigenberg notes that one of the reasons he connects with directors who storyboard their visions the way Joe Chappelle does is because it allows for flexibility in changing the storyline as things emerge during filming.

“If they have a plan and circumstances dictate they have to change it, they are much more adept,” the actor explains adding that this helps the creators make changes quickly “instead of going “Ah, ah, ah, panic,” then “Screw everybody, I’m doing it my way.””

The Chicago Fire star’s role in An Acceptable Loss was a small one. But, the actor notes, it was one he certainly took to heart while filming. Particularly because of the impact the brief appearance made to the storyline as a whole.

“I pull pieces as I think about them. How they walk, how they move, how they talk, what they wear,” David Eigenberg says of his approach to portraying new characters.

“What’s your focus point,” the actor continues. “What do they love, what do they hate? Then you throw it against the wall in one small scene and hope some of it sticks.”