‘Chicago Fire’: David Eigenberg Reveals His Approach to Big Speeches on Show

by Joe Rutland

When it comes to making big speeches on Chicago Fire, actor David Eigenberg shares his approach on those types of shows.

Eigenberg plays Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann on the NBC firest-responder drama.

So, what wisdom does the actor have about this oratory?

“Big monologues, at first when I turn to them, are just big chunks of black ink,” he said in an interview with One Chicago Center. “And it horrifies me. I look at it and go I don’t know how I can learn this all because I don’t feel like I have a very good memory. But then you just go at it and pick it up and build it.”

Eigenberg says sometimes you are flying at it and words are just barely there. “But sometimes [that] makes it kind of beautiful,” he says. “Because sometimes you don’t know exactly what you’re going to say next—as it is in life.”

Chicago Fire will be on NBC this next week with a new episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Considers It A ‘Priviledge’ To Play First Responder

So, the actor calls playing a first responder a “privilege.”

Eigenberg did an interview to promote the milestone 200th episode of the series. During this, he spoke about how lucky and blessed he was to be able to portray these heroes.

“I feel like we’re one of the first shows that really delved into portraying firefighters,” he says. “We saw them through the whole shift and in parts of their lives and it’s been truly been a real pleasure and a privilege in my life to portray them.”

How do they get that realism which comes across on TV?

The actor said that they spend time with real-life firefighters and first responders. They do this to make sure they get things right.

Eigenberg adds, “To come to work and really try to bring the heart out of what first responders do.”

Eigenberg Talks About How Oits Keeps Show Together

Chicago Fire holds late best friend of fireman Joe Cruz, Brian “Otis” Zvonecek, in their thoughts.

Several seasons have passed without the popular Otis character. Eigenberg opened up about how the deceased character keeps the show together.

Eigenberg shared his touching explanation during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The beloved Herrmann actor began his explanation with, “The character of Otis has been stitched into the show since Day One.”

The show’s pilot featured some favorites. Zvonecek appeared in the first few minutes. Eigenberg further emphasized the importance of the Otis character, specifically referencing an episode that took place during season nine.

In it, Eigenberg’s character Herrmann and Joe Minoso‘s Joe Cruz become trapped in an elevator. The building itself is going up in flames and the elevator’s cables threaten to break.