‘Chicago Fire’: David Eigenberg Speaks on ‘Privilege’ of Playing a First Responder

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago Fire star David Eigenberg spoke about the honor that it is to portray a first responder.

Eigenberg did an interview to promote the upcoming milestone 200th episode of the series. During this, he spoke about how lucky and blessed he was to be able to portray these heroes.

“I feel like we’re one of the first shows that really delved into portraying firefighters,” he began. “We saw them through the whole shift and in parts of their lives and it’s been truly been a real pleasure and a privilege in my life to portray them.”

Eigenberg explained that they spend time with real-life firefighters and first responders on a regular basis to make sure that they get things right.

“To come to work and really try to bring the heart out of what first responders do,” he continued. “They see what nobody should ever have to see. There’s nothing more special or a privilege to spend time with a first responder.”

Not only did work relationships form, but friendships as well. The first responders let the actors in on the most private details of their lives. He calls what they have shared with him an “amazing gift to be let in on the intimacy” of some of the situations.

When ‘Chicago Fire’ Knew They Had Something Special

Fellow Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney revealed the moment that they realized that this show was something special.

The crew was hard at work filming the pilot episode back in March of 2012. The cast and crew finished filming the reshoots for the debut episode and headed back to their hotel around 4 A.M. After wrapping up the first episode, everyone was beyond excited.

Jesse was finishing house so that we’re all there and Eamonn had this little GoPro,” he explained. “He said that someday we’ll all watch it [and realize how monumental the moment was]. I just remember Monica Raymund Lauren German, David Eigenberg [were there]. We all just it kind of gelled and Eamonn was coming off of a job and he said that this is really rare. And he was right! I really want to see some of those videos from that first episode!”

Eamonn was right, the show has almost reached episode 200, no small feat for any series. Kinney believes that what keeps it running is his colleagues. He said that the show’s longevity truly speaks to the upper management. One of these people includes producer and creator, Dick Wolf. At a time when shows don’t always make it past season one, Wolf has mastered the craft of longevity. Chicago Fire was so good, that he created the spinoffs, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D.

“There were 152 primetime broadcast cable pilots produced during the season we shot the Chicago Fire pilot,” Wolf told E! Online. “Guess how many are left? Us! Nothing else.”