‘Chicago Fire’ Delayed Season 10 Finale: What Are the Major Storylines We Can Expect?

by Shelby Scott

In the latest news surrounding NBC’s procedural dramas “Chicago Fire,” the show has delayed its season 10 fall finale. That is, despite several major plot lines still open to explore. So, we won’t be expecting any new “One Chicago” episodes this week. Nevertheless, when can we expect the NBC show’s storylines to fully pan out?

As Chi-fi fans know, it will be another two weeks before we see “Chicago Fire” debut its next episode. In the meantime, with help from Tech Radar 247, we’ve located some potential plots we may expect from the delayed episode.

During the latest “Chicago Fire” episode, we saw our newest lieutenant, Jason Pelham, and Truck 81 firefighter Blake Gallo make a tentative truce. However, we also uncovered a secret of Pelham’s. Now, Chief Wallace Boden has to determine whether or not the new addition will stay.

According to the outlet, the fall finale of “Chicago Fire” will put further focus on Pelham’s past. And while, episode eight revealed why the young lieutenant had been floating for so long, Boden still has several obstacles to navigate before bringing Pelham on full time.

Meanwhile, Tech Radar 247 finally announced the return of “Chicago Fire” fan-favorite character, Stella Kidd. For the majority of the season, she’s been off in Boston, expanding her Girls on Fire program. Last week saw her fiancé, Kelly Severide, pondering the state of their relationship. As such, we remain anxious to know what becomes of the show’s starring couple. And whether or not Kidd actress Miranda Rae Mayo chooses to even stay herself.

Per the outlet, the next episode of “Chicago Fire” season 10 won’t air until Wednesday December 8th. Until then, check out this emotional, albeit minimal, promo for the upcoming “One Chicago” fall finales.

When Will ‘Chicago Fire’ Return Post-Fall Finale?

As stated above, “One Chicago’s” fall finales air on Wednesday, December 8th. And while the NBC hit shows’ fall breaks should be expected, especially as “Chicago Fire” marks their 10th season on air, ongoing plot lines will create major suspense should we be left with major cliffhangers following the December 8th episodes.

Further, the December episode of “Chicago Fire” will unfortunately mark the only brand new episode of the month. January 5th will see the next brand new episode, although we will only get two brand new episodes at the start of the new year.

Why the long intermissions? Well, for sports fans and athletes around the world, February premieres the start of the Winter 2022 Olympic Games. As such, all of “One Chicago” will take a major step back from screens.

That is until about spring. At this point, “Chicago Fire” fans can expect to see brand new back-to-back episodes.

For now, though, we simply await to know the fate of Kidd and Severide’s relationship and who will officially fill the vacant role on board Firehouse 51’s Truck 81.