‘Chicago Fire’: Did Gallo and Pelham Finally Come to a Truce?

by Shelby Scott

Things have been incredibly tense over at “Chicago Fire’s” Firehouse 51 since our newest character Lieutenant Jason Pelham, played by Brett Dalton, joined the crew. Specifically, we’ve seen his character clash multiple times with one of the firehouse’s youngest firemen, Blake Gallo. Gallo serves as one of the crew members on Truck 81, now headed by Pelham.

In just three episodes, we’ve already seen many instances where the two have vocally battled it out. However, finally, it appears they have finally come to a truce.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw Pelham and Gallo have it out at the firehouse after a call for an automatic alarm. Pelham had instructed Gallo to stay by the truck should they need tools to get into the building. Instead, Gallo walked around the back and shimmied up the drainpipe. Ultimately, he kills the automatic alarm, there is no fire, and he and Pelham come to blows.

However, later in the episode, the “Chicago Fire” crew gets a call for a structure fire. Chief Boden receives intel that a little girl might be trapped inside. Moving past their earlier problems, Pelham instructs Gallo to come aid in the search. At that, Gallo revealed to the lieutenant that he struggles at scenes that involve children. Instead of getting frustrated, the Lieutenant simply says, “Just stick with me.”

Together, the two men locate the girl and they all get out safely. However, since Gallo lost his sister in a fire when he was little, he had to emotionally decompress after escaping the house and Pelham takes notice.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Peace on Truck 81

As the episode begins to wrap, our “Chicago Fire” crew heads out after concluding their shift. One frame captures Gallo as he stands beside the firehouse’s memorial for a deceased fan-favorite character, Brian “Otis” Zvonecek.

As he stands there, Pelham approaches, asking the younger man how he knew to look under the bed for the little girl when they were at the call. “Just a feeling,” he shared.

Then, Gallo reveals to Pelham that when he first started at 51, everyone had said he was replacing Otis, and that it was as if he wasn’t his own person. Just like in the case with Casey and Pelham, Gallo filled a vacancy and was invited to stay on.

In revealing those sentiments to Pelham, he shared that he’s doing the same thing to the Lieutenant that previously happened to him on “Chicago Fire.”

As such, he promised not to do that anymore, stating he would be happy to have Pelham on as their official lieutenant.

Overall, the characters’ arc in the episode is dynamic, important, and heartwarming. It provides a new foundation to the relationship and grants opportunity for new, interesting plot lines. And while we’ve seen Gallo try to make peace with Pelham before, it seems this might conclude their rivalry.