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‘Chicago Fire’: Do These New Pics Mean Pelham Is in It for the Long Haul?

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

For the moment, NBC‘s “One Chicago” series remains on a temporary hiatus. We know our favorite first responders are scheduled to appear on screen again after the Thanksgiving holiday on December 8th. However, one “Chicago Fire” crew member may have just confirmed the permanence of the hit show’s newest addition, Lieutenant Jason Pelham.

As a brief recap ahead of “Chicago Fire’s” midseason finale, Pelam is played by actor Brett Dalton. Dalton made his NBC debut following the departure of cast mainstay, Jesse Spencer, who previously played Captain Matt Casey.

Following the new lieutenant’s debut, we learned Pelham would remain a recurring character on the show. So far, “Chicago Fire” has stuck to that statement. Pelham was introduced several episodes ago, although he’s appeared in every new release since.

Now, one “Chicago Fire” crew member has shared behind-the-scenes footage and photos of the cast. Instead of not making heroic efforts on screen, we see some of our favorite characters, such as Christopher Herrmann, Randal “Mouch” McHolland, and Blake Gallo, playing hacky sack.

However, in the background, we can just see a masked Brett Dalton (Jason Pelham). The actor hangs out over by the fire trucks while the recreational game ensues. One Chicago Center could not specify what particular project the “Chicago Fire” cast was working on at the time. But we can’t help but wonder if the actor’s continued presence behind the scenes signifies his permanence on “Chicago Fire.”

From ‘Chicago Fire’ Turnouts to Hallmark Christmas Trees

For now, fans worry whether Jason Pelham will take the Lieutenant position on Truck 81 away from fan-favorite Stella Kidd. In contrast, it appears the actor remains busy with other pursuits. As such, he may not stick with “Chicago Fire” full time like many have come to believe.

As pointed out above, showrunners have highlighted that the Pelham character will remain a recurring character on the “Chicago Fire.” In that aspect, we can compare Pelham to popular recurring character, Wendy Seager. And as we’ve seen, the character has never appeared in more than a handful of episodes at a time.

That said, Pelham’s actor, Brett Dalton, stepped away from “Chicago Fire” briefly during the midseason hiatus to explore other routes in an entirely different network piece.

Last week, Dalton announced on his Instagram page that he will be hanging up the Lieutenant’s trumpets and turnout gear for the moment, and instead stepped over to Hallmark ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Starring in a brand new Hallmark special, called “One December Night,” Dalton plays a less physically taxing role as a go-between, between two feuding musicians. Donning a much less abrasive personality, “Chicago Fire” fans may want to head over to the holiday network to see how the Pelham character compares to the Hallmark personality.