‘Chicago Fire’: Everything We Know About the Upcoming Holiday Episode

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago Fire” has been on its fall hiatus since Nov. 10, but the show is coming back for its 9th episode on Dec. 8 titled “Winterfest.”

Showrunner Derek Haas seems to have decided to do a holiday episode on a whim. “For the first time in years, as long as I can remember, we’re doing a holiday episode,” he told TV Line. “So we thought, ‘Hmm, maybe we could do a holiday episode’ — and I wrote it.”

So far, we know that Firehouse 51 will be getting into the “holiday spirit”; we’re assuming that means decorations, maybe a tree, and some presents for the firefighters and paramedics. Possibly a menorah for Hanukkah, or a Kinara for Kwanzaa, for any of the characters who celebrate. They could even bring out a Festivus pole and air their grievances. Whatever “holiday spirit” means for them, the firehouse is getting into it.

What else we know, is that Gallo, Violet, and Ritter have been working on a new microbrewery project. All the way back in episode 3, they were making the beer out of Ritter’s kitchen, but Hermann gave them the name of an eccentric brewer who gave them the space they needed for their brewery. Now, in episode 9, they’re going to unveil their creation to the squad.

Sylvie Brett is also at the forefront of the episode; she’s going to try and “present her paramedicine program to an oversight panel,” according to the synopsis. She’s been trying to get her program made permanent since early in the season. Will her program get approved for good? That would certainly make a good Christmas present.

‘Chicago Fire’: Christian Stolte Opens Up About Co-Stars’ Departures

Anyone who’s been watching “Chicago Fire” knows that Jesse Spencer recently left his role as Matt Casey. But, Christian Stolte, who plays Randall McHolland, or Mouch, on the show, recently revealed how he really felt when his co-stars left the show.

“We hang out together constantly,” Stolte said of his co-stars. “We know each other, as well as I, know anyone else in my life. They are just the best group of people. When somebody has to go, it is heartbreaking.”

So, the cast seems to be as much of a family in real life as they are on “Chicago Fire.” Firehouse 51 really loves to hang out with each other even when they’re not working. It will be great to see them together in a holiday episode, maybe reminiscing about past holidays. Even though fan-favorite Matt Casey won’t be there this year, it will still be a fun time for the rest of the squad.

“Chicago Fire” season 10 episode 9, “Winterfest”, airs on Dec. 8 on NBC.