‘Chicago Fire’ Executive Producer Previews Show’s Winter Finale Holiday Episode

by Shelby Scott

It’s been several weeks since “Chicago Fire” last aired a brand new episode. Now, though, the wait is over as tomorrow night airs the midseason finale’s special holiday episode. Throughout the hit show’s weeks-long hiatus, fans, such as myself, have been contemplating possible outcomes regarding Stella Kidd and her status as Lieutenant at Firehouse 51. Additionally, we’re wondering what will become of our newest addition, Jason Pelham. Nevertheless, as we head into tomorrow night’s episode, “Chicago Fire’s” executive producer has finally clued us in as to what we can expect from the special episode. And hold on to your helmets Chi-fi fans, because there’s a lot to unpack.

First and foremost, our ever-dependable source of gossip and fact, Derek Haas revealed what Firehouse 51’s alarm bells will send our beloved “Chicago Fire” crew to. Just in time for the season’s festivities, images, shared by TVInsider, capture Squad 3’s Lt. Kelly Severide and fireman Joe Cruz going at the city’s iconic Christmas tree with chainsaws.

According to the outlet, the squad responds to a call regarding Chicago’s 57-foot tall, multi-ton Christmas tree as it crashed down on a group of “tree-gazers” in Millennium Park. Therein lies our rescue for the episode. It remains uncertain whether the tree-mishap will feature as the only one for the episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ Storylines Step Out of Firefighting

Meanwhile, Winterfest has finally arrived. The event features our young house members and the celebration they’ve been preparing for over the course of the season. According to Derek Haas, our reliable executive producer, Winterfest highlights the “Brew Crew.” The small team consists of our two youngest firemen, Ritter and Gallo, as well as our young paramedic, Violet. On Wednesday, they plan to debut their new beer at the upcoming event.

However, love trouble strikes when Gallo, Gallo’s ex Carla, and Violet all converge on their own feelings at the event. And, as always, poor Ritter becomes trapped in the middle.

Back at Firehouse 51, another of our “Chicago Fire” fan-favorites, paramedic Sylvie Brett, navigates some new waters of her own. Earlier this season, the beloved paramedic received the stamp of approval for a test run of her paramedic program. Now, time is up and we’ll finally see whether “Chicago Fire’s” officials approve the program for the long run.

Stella Kidd Makes a Long-Awaited Return

As if that weren’t enough for Outsiders, Haas revealed even more good news regarding the Wednesday night episode.

Finally, after weeks of her absence, new Lieutenant Stella Kidd makes a return to Firehouse 51. Even better, she’s arrived just in time for the holidays. However, while we’re obviously excited to see her back on “Chicago Fire,” we can’t help but wonder whether those many weeks apart have changed hers and Severide’s relationship and if she or Pelham will receive the permanent role of Lt. on Truck 81.

Of the dilemma, Haas said, “[Chief] Boden is torn because [Pelham’s] a guy who has a lot of merit and was unfairly passed over for promotion (at other firehouses).” However, Boden faces an entirely different issue on another front.

Following Stella’s return, we can’t help but wonder whether the iconic chief will pass over Stella in favor of Pelham due to his sense of honor and loyalty, or whether Stella will finally occupy the long-open position.

Tune in to NBC tomorrow night at 9 p.m. ET for all the updates and answers.