‘Chicago Fire’: Fall Finale Photos Reveal a Beloved ‘Character’ Returns

by Joe Rutland

When looking at some pictures from the fall finale of Chicago Fire, they happen to let fans know about a beloved “character” returning.

Who could this person be as a character?

Outsiders, let’s get some help and a look at some pictures from One Chicago Center.

It’s not a human. It’s a dog. Tuesday the dog is back in the house.

Tuesday last made an appearance on Chicago Fire in Season 8. But the dalmatian gets back into the 51 firehouse just in time for Christmas.

When checking out the One Chicago Center story, you can see Tuesday greet Gallo, played by Alberto Rosende. He’s taking some downtime with Ritter, played by Daniel Kyri, and Violet, played by Hanako Greensmith.

Another pic shows Tuesday on the couch next to Randall “Mouch” McHolland, played by Christian Stolte.

Chicago Fire is airing this Wednesday night as part of the One Chicago franchise of shows. Catch it and others in the bunch on NBC.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Talks About How Much Input He Gets In Mouch’s Storylines

Actors who have been a part of shows like Chicago Fire for a long time get to make some changes. Christian Stolte has been there for 10 seasons.

So, Outsiders, doesn’t it make sense for him to get a voice?

Stolte talks about this in an interview with Starry Constellation Magazine.

How much influence does he have over his character? Stolte said that the “writers inevitably incorporate aspects of an actor’s personality that they have observed into future storylines, but it’s not often I propose Mouch-related ideas directly to them.”

Stolte pointed out in another interview that his role just gets more and more comfortable.

“The writers keep finding ways to explore new facets of this cat and I am constantly amazed at what they pull out of their hats,” the Chicago Fire actor told KGET. Stolte also said that once you have been “that guy” for a season or two, they will start writing the guy to be more like yourself.

Actors Keep Themselves Busy Cracking Up Their Co-Stars With Laughter

When it comes to keeping the laughs going on the Chicago Fire set, leave it to Stolte and others to provide the jokes.

In the same Starry Constellation Magazine interview, Stolte said that filming scenes can be a time-consuming endeavor. The actor said that he’s “got kids and grandkids that occupy whatever time I have leftover that. So there is not a ton of free time for me to pursue other projects.”

Guess who finds humor? Stole, along with co-star Miranda Rae Mayo. They have worked on songs together. Stolte has worked with Joe Minoso and Yuri Sardavov, who have been “mapping out” comedy sketches for a stage show.