‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Debate One of the Show’s Biggest Relationships

by Shelby Scott

After weeks of waiting, “Chicago Fire” finally returned to screens last week. With that, we saw the reunion of fan-favorite couple, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd, otherwise known as “Stellaride.”

For many viewers, Stella, while not an original cast member, has become a dynamic piece of the “Chicago Fire” crew. Therefore, her long absence had fans worried she was leaving. Now, after her strange disappearance from Chicago, fans are again debating one of the series most successful and prominent couples.

As a quick review, Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide shared a rather unique engagement during a structure fire last season. The scene saw the latter proposing to his partner as flames blazed around the couple. In essence, the flames could have symbolized their fun, energetic, and fiery relationship overall.

However now, as Looper states, fans aren’t so sure where that engagement will go. And it has “Chicago Fire” fans split on the couple’s status as a whole. Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Following last week’s episode, one fan accurately shared, “It still feels like Stella and Kelly are in a bit of a rough patch.”

Considering last week’s cliffhanger ending, I would definitely say so.

From there, others wrote suggested the next episode will likely begin with an argument. These considerations come as one fan wrote, “does anybody else get the vibe that [Stella] got really offended by that question,” referring to the final moments of the episode where Kelly asks if she even wants to marry him anymore. “[T]hat’s what I’m getting,” the Tweet concluded.

‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Root for Stellaride Among Relationship Struggles

Last week’s intense ending definitely left “Chicago Fire” fans feeling conflicted about the status of Kelly and Stella’s relationship.

With Stella’s return last week, “Chicago Fire” fans weren’t surprised to find Kelly largely upset and confused. And that’s despite Stella doing her best to relay what exactly led to her abrupt disappearance. Fortunately, though, things sort of seemed normal throughout the episode. However, longtime fans could tell by Kelly’s body language and verbalizations that things remain incredibly tense.

The end of the episode sees Stella asking her fiancé whether she disappointed him for not immediately hopping on Truck 81’s open lieutenant’s position. At least, in this case, we get a genuine, “no.”

However, he then asks if she even wants to marry him anymore. With that, the episode concluded and we’re left wondering the same thing.

Nevertheless, one hopeful fan writes, “Can’t blame him for being hurt, she did cut off contact and have him thinking the worst.” As we can expect, especially when it comes to Kelly, “It’s going to take time.”

Overall, the Tweet concluded with, “Hopefully, she will assure him she wants a future with him, to be his wife.”

We’re here hoping the same thing, however, as “Chicago Fire” fans know, nothing is ever really linear or straightforward when it comes to our favorite “One Chicago” romances.