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‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Debate Violet and Gallo’s Relationship

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Things over at Chicago Fire are always heating up. Sorry for the pun. But fans are debating Violet and Gallo’s relationship over on Reddit.

When you want to tap into the thoughts of the fanbase, Reddit is a good place to go. A recent post has fans talking about whether they believe in the Violet/Gallo couple. Is it something that they want to see? Should the two just stay friends? Or are they just not what people want to see on the show right now.

“Thoughts on Violet and Gallo,” the post title says. “I’ve seen a variety of feelings towards Violet and Gallo on here and I am curious to see how people feel about them. I personally like them better as friends, but know they’ll probably get back together later on.”

There were roughly 300 votes and the answers were mixed. Although there was a clear winner, “Meant to be!” the other options were not far behind. Altogether about 40% or so chose the top choice. There were almost even votes for the “Better as friends,” and “Not a fan,” options. The former received three more votes than the latter, pushing it into second.

One user, u/unsurechances, described the Chicago Fire fan sentiment pretty well. They sound like they have been watching for quite some time. “Bet they’ll play the same storyline as always: Violet starts seeing Hawkins and we see Gallo getting more and more jealous until he professes love. They’ll def draw it out similar to Brett and Grainger. I’ll be so bummed though, into the Hawkins storyline and Gallo is really unlikable.”

Chicago Fire always has a little romance going on. Sometimes it takes place behind the scenes and sometimes it’s the main storyline. Another character is likely looking for love soon.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sylvie Brett ‘Badly’ Wants Love

Kara Killmer, the actress behind Sylvie Brett, talked about her character’s love life. It has been complicated and it is likely going to get more complicated soon. Matthew Casey is off elsewhere and the long-distance relationship isn’t going to last forever.

Killmer said, “She wants love in her life so badly that she will set aside her own needs to make it happen. And then it doesn’t work out, I think she has a sneaking suspicion that she’s just not lovable and it’s never going to work out for her because she’s just not worth it.”

While that remains to be seen for Brett, it looks like Chicago Fire is going right into the Violet and Gallo relationship. It remains to be seen what that looks like as the season continues. The midseason finale is approaching, so fans are going to take whatever they can get before the winter break.