‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Decide on the Worst Episode of the Show

by Lauren Boisvert

Even a popular show like “Chicago Fire” is bound to have some stinkers every once in a while. According to IMDb, there are two episodes that fans just despise.

The first episode is a season 9 episode titled “Smash Therapy”. Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett are in a weird place after they share a kiss and Casey awkwardly leaves. Casey says he doesn’t regret it, but before he can clarify if she does, they get called out on a rescue.

There’s an incident with the aerial ladder, where the controls malfunction and throw Casey over the side. He immediately blames Mouch. It turns out to be a recall issue, and the truck was never fixed. Casey apologizes to Mouch, but it takes the whole episode and a lot of self-doubt from Mouch.

Additionally, Severide helps a guy get his car back from a fire. The car is miraculously unharmed, and the guy lets Severide drive it.

The whole episode is kind of awkward and stilted, possibly because there are just too many storylines happening in one episode. There’s another moment with a drone, where Gianna hits it out of the sky with a shovel and then encourages Brett to smash it to pieces as “therapy”.

All in all, this is the lowest rated episode on IMDb with a 7.8. That’s generally a high rating for anything else, but not for Chicago Fire; fans frequently rate their episodes in the 9’s and 10’s.

‘Chicago Fire’: Fans Hate the Pilot Episode

Additionally, the 2012 “Chicago Fire” pilot episode was also rated a 7.8. In this episode, someone dies immediately, and Casey and Severide butt heads over how to handle it.

Andy Darden dies in basically the first 10 minutes of the pilot, and then a month passes. Seems like a lot of time to skip for a pilot episode, if you ask me. The episode follows many different storylines, and only really addresses the death when Casey and Severide are blaming each other for it. There are so many characters introduced, so many intricate lives to keep track of in the first episode, it’s almost overwhelming.

We get to know that Casey’s engagement has ended, but neither he nor Hallie can end the relationship. Severide is doing some sort of drug, and Gabriela had to perform emergency surgery in the ambulance, for which she has to attend a disciplinary hearing.

Just, so many threads to connect and keep track of, it’s no wonder this episode was rated as low as it was. It’s not horrible, per se, but it’s a lot for an opening pilot. The episode it not indicative of what the rest of the show really turned out to be. It’s now an absolute network darling, but things didn’t start out that way.