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‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Ecstatic Over This Episode 12 Kiss

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sometimes, a kiss is still a kiss. That is unless fans of Chicago Fire say something different and a Season10, Episode 12 kiss does it.

There is something both beautiful and intriguing about this kiss. What makes it so? We turn our attention to the matter at hand and get some support from Looper as well.

OK, so this happened in an episode titled Show of Force. Two romantic storylines merged into one episode, if you can believe that happening. At the CFD gala, Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney, surprises Stella Kidd, played by Miranda Rae Mayo, with her wedding ring. She happily and tearfully accepts it. Yet this is not the only romantic moment here.

‘Chicago Fire’ Moment Leads Violet, Evan To Passionate Kissable Scene

On Chicago Fire, we have Violet Mikami, played by Hanako Greensmith, and Evan Hawkins, played by Jimmy Nicholas, sharing their feelings for one another. Show fans are happy over this moment a lot.

One of the episode’s final scenes sees both characters crossing paths at the CFD gala. They exchange compliments and then embrace in a passionate kiss. Chicago Fire viewers were clearly happy to see Hawkins and Violet’s relationship finally move on down Love Street.

Fans went to Twitter and shared their happiness. A fan named @chifirefangirl tweets out a gif of Hawkins and Violet’s kiss before noting that they will be “living in this moment for the foreseeable future.” Another fan named @dani_ela_roj says: “I CAN’T GET OVER THIS. I don’t care about what some people say, these two restored my interest in ‘Chicago Fire.'”

Fans Are All On Board With The Loving Interest Shared By Both Characters

Also, @hamburgerheroes shares a close-up gif of the moment and asks, “How can they be so hot and sweet at the same time?!!”

Well, it appears that Chicago Fire fans are definitely in agreement about Violet and Hawkins’ big moment. Of course, the quality of their kiss scene doesn’t take away from the fact that Hawkins’ position as chief means he’s technically Violet’s superior, which just makes their relationship that much more complicated.

If you are wanting to see Chicago Fire and don’t know when it comes on, then let’s help you a little bit. The show is part of the One Chicago franchise created by hitmaker Dick Wolf. These shows air collectively on Wednesday nights on NBC. Fans are keeping these three shows, including P.D. and Med, in those must-see TV categories. Viewership numbers and demo ratings are making any other network’s shot at taking these shows down nearly impossible.

Still, Chicago Fire and other shows in the franchise have gone through some changes in cast members over the past few seasons. Fans love their favorite characters and don’t like seeing them go.