‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Go Nuts After Show Reveals Delayed Season 10 Finale Date

by Shelby Scott

As we’ve recently learned, “Chicago Fire” and the rest of the “One Chicago” series will debut a late fall finale. And while “Chicago Fire” always returns with the most action-packed episodes, fans nevertheless lament such a long pause until the next new episode.

Fortunately, it appears “One Chicago” themselves sympathize with fans, specifically in their latest post. Check it out.

While the caption reads, “Good things come to those who wait…” I can’t help but agree with other “Chicago Fire” fans that the intermission between new episodes will definitely be unbearable. Fans said as much in the comments beneath the post.

“I understand good things come to those who wait,” began one Chi-fi fan, “but I wanna cry…got me on the edge of my seat.”

Another fan resented the network’s decision, simply writing, “This is honestly just so mean.”

Meanwhile, one fan asked the same question most of us Outsiders are wondering and that’s, “Why must we wait sooooo long[?]”

Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact answer for you “Chicago Fire” fans. However, as a major fan myself, I’m sitting here, just as impatiently as you are.

As to any updates regarding “Chicago Fire’s” season 10 fall finale, be sure to check back here with us Outsiders.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Stella Kidd’s ‘Girls on Fire’ is an Actual Program

One of the major plotlines sure to prevail in the “Chicago Fire” fall finale surrounds new Lieutenant Stella Kidd and her efforts to broaden her Girls on Fire program.

Kidd’s program gained roots right in Chicago, where she worked hard to get approval and funding for Girls on Fire. Simply put, the “Chicago Fire” character aims to give young women the opportunity to learn exactly what firefighting is all about and give them insight through hands-on experience.

In this way, the character has worked to promote the involvement and success of women within the country’s fire departments. However, a bigger question is, where did inspiration for this “Chicago Fire” program come from?

Interestingly, Girls on Fire is an actual existent program run in Australia. The Girls on Fire website states their mission, “provides firefighting and resilience programs for girls and young women.”

Further, the Australia-based women’s program was founded, like on “Chicago Fire,” by a woman, named Bonnie Mackintosh. Her goal, again, like Kidd’s, is to help young women become active members within the community. Overall, the program’s end result provides young people the opportunity and capability to assist in light of tragic events, such as, obviously, fires, but also other emergencies.

So, in a nutshell, Stella’s work on “Chicago Fire” brings light and interest to the genuine program overseas. Perhaps, with a push from NBC and inspiration from the Australia-based program, some passionate female firefighter here in the U.S. will introduce a beneficial program just like Girls on Fire.