‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Probably Won’t Be Happy With the Show’s Upcoming Schedule

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the hit NBC series Chicago Fire may be facing some big gaps between some of the show’s newest episodes.

Of course, fall breaks for the hit series are not uncommon.

Since its premiere, Chicago Fire has been known to take breaks in programming in the fall. Usually, these breaks happen around Thanksgiving and then later during the December holiday season.

Last fall, in fact, Chicago Fire fans only saw two new episodes of last year’s season nine during the fall 2020 season. And, after a big break, the hit series finally returned in winter 2021.

However, this winter, there will be a whole new issue facing the series; when new episodes will be on hold with the airing of the long-awaited 2022 Winter Olympics.

Chicago Fire has already begun airing promos for the show’s fall finale.

Not much is revealed about these episodes. The promos serve more to inform One Chicago fans that there will be a break in new the show’s episodes.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sets Final Episode For 2021

So far, there is little information about the Chicago Fire fall finale episode. However, the premiere date has officially been set for December 8. According to reports, this episode will be the last Chicago Fire episode to air for the rest of 2021.

This means that there will only be one brand new episode of Chicago Fire in the entire month of December. The following episode, season ten’s episode ten, is scheduled to air after the new year on Wednesday, January 5.

While this will officially be the winter premiere of the popular NBC series, it doesn’t necessarily mean the show will be back in full force for the rest of the season.

This January 5 winter premiere will be just one of only two new Chicago Fire episodes scheduled to air before March.

This large break between the Chicago Fire winter premiere and the spring episodes is largely due to the 2022 Winter Olympics. These are set to air in early February.

The second episode of the popular NBC series in 2022 is set to air Wednesday, February 23.

Spring Will Bring Brand-New Stories On The Hit Series

By spring, however, fans can expect to see new premieres back-to-back throughout the spring.

Chicago Fire shows may be few and far between over the next few months. However, the few we do get will certainly be packed with quite a bit of excitement.

In the season 10 fall finale, fans can expect the return of Stella Kidd to One Chicago.

Will there be a lot of drama with the return? Or, is Stella Kidd returning to Chicago Fire with some good news for Kelly Severide? There’s also the new lieutenant at Firehouse 51, Jason Pelham (Brett Dalton) who has stepped in after the exit of fan-favorite Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey.