‘Chicago Fire’: Full Recap of Midseason Finale

by Shelby Scott

Tonight wrapped the “Chicago Fire” fall season. With that, we’re left with quite an onslaught of new storylines and touching moments alike.

As showrunners hinted earlier, the holiday episode kicked off with the surprise return of four-legged comrade, Tuesday the dalmatian. From there, Firehouse 51 gets quite a unique call. At the scene, we learn a group of Chicagoans became entrapped by the city park’s massive fallen Christmas tree.

Fortunately, many of the victims sustained minor injuries. However, one man, who we later learn is an experienced Santa Claus, becomes impaled by one of the branches.

At the scene, Mouch makes a connection with both the victim and his wife. Soon, we find that these kinds of calls have begun to weigh on Mouch the longer he serves Firehouse 51. In true “Chicago Fire” fashion, Mouch turns to the only other senior fireman within the show, Christopher Herrmann. The pair discuss their methods for navigating the calls as victims’ faces become harder to forget.

Soon enough, his feelings are bolstered. The victim not only recovers but Truck 81 picks him up from the hospital to escort him and the Mrs. to his favorite festive event. Overall, it concluded the midseason finale on a cheery, emotional note.

Drama Ensues on “Chicago Fire”

Over at WinterFest, Gallo was left to navigate awkwardness between Violet and his girlfriend Kara. The situation became tense as he passed out beers alongside Ridder in celebration of the debut of their microbrewery. While their brew Firedog wins best IPA of the contest, Ridder reveals he never wrote his recipe down. Additionally, Gallo breaks up with Kara and from there, Gallo and his team lose the support of their current sponsor.

Simultaneously, all of Gallo’s attempts to share his feelings with Violet fail. The end of the episode sees Chief Hawkins further solidifying a potential relationship with the paramedic. And after his gallant show of support for Brett’s paramedicine presentation, which receives prompt approval, we can’t help but notice Violet’s affections for the chief grow.

At the base of everything, Chief Boden presented Severide with a harsh yet reasonable ultimatum regarding his fiance Stella’s position as Lieutenant on Truck 81. “Chicago Fire” fans learn that the firefighter’s four weeks of furlough quickly turned into eight and then 12. Boston became Concord, Philadelphia, and so on. After no news from Stella, Boden winds up offering the open position to Pelham, which he graciously accepts. And while we can’t help but wonder why Stella never claimed the position, we’re happy to see the floating Lieutenant finally find a permanent home.

Stella Returns

As promised, Stella Kidd did make a return during the midseason finale. However, she provided little to the storyline’s progression overall. Throughout, we saw Kelly desperately trying to contact her about Boden’s decision, but time runs out and there’s nothing further her fiancé can do.

After Mouch and Truck 81’s generous Christmas act, “Chicago Fire” cuts to a quieter scene as Severide returns to his apartment. Full of tension and drama, he’s greeted by Stella and a load of luggage as she says, “Hi Kelly.”

As always, Kelly’s face is hard to read, however, it did convey that when “Chicago Fire” picks up next month, the couple will have loads to unpack.