‘Chicago Fire’: Full Recap of Season 10, Episode 10 ‘Back with a Bang’

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” kicked off its midseason premiere right where we left off during the finale. Despite the tension we saw between Kidd and Severide in previews, things aren’t as bad as they could be. In addition, “Chicago Fire” showrunners decided to open the new episode with a brief interaction between Stella Kidd and Truck 81’s official lieutenant, Jason Pelham. Talk about awkward.

Okay, Outsiders, after about a month lacking new episodes, we have a lot to unpack. So hang on to your seats. And if you missed “Back with a Bang,” know there are absolutely a handful of spoilers ahead.

“I love you with everything I got.”

That’s the one sure statement Stella makes to Severide in the first few moments of the episode. Additionally, we can confirm, no, Stella is not pregnant, no, Stella wasn’t with anyone else, and yes, Severide is still frustrated.

Additionally, he’s not the only one. Chief Boden did express his disappointment at Stella’s slow return following the opening of Casey’s position on Truck 81. However, after expressing her desire to take things more slowly, he understood. He admitted sympathizing with her as he has taken on more roles with his recent promotion.

‘Chicago Fire’ Sees Sparks at Multi-Car Pileup

Minutes into the brand new “Chicago Fire” episode, Firehouse 51 receives one unique call. And, after arriving, viewers knew things weren’t going to be pretty.

Our favorite first responders arrive at a smokey scene, cars overturned, and haze filling a tunnel. Within, the crew battles time, heat, and an impending explosion as a potassium fire rapidly grows. The squad works to pull entrapped victims while Hermann and Ritter load unrelenting streams of water over explosive tanks to prevent literal fireworks from igniting.

As always, things end up okay. However, Ritter comes to the rescue of a young cop more than once, first pulling him from the tunnel after the rookie officer witnessed a horrific death, and then rushing to keep him from doing something he would regret later.

Love Trouble at Firehouse 51

Some of the best storylines come from “Chicago Fire” rescues. However, considering the growing relationship between paramedic Violet Mikami and Field Chief Hawkins, in addition to the unresolved issues between Kidd and Severide, there’s a load of trouble to unpack there.

When Brett goes to (finally) see Casey in Oregon, Violet becomes worried she’ll get stuck with some lame floater paramedic that won’t function well with her full capability as a first responder. However, when she shows up to shift, she’s surprised to find Field Chief Hawkins waiting for her by Ambulance 61.

“You’re my floater?” Violet asks, to which Hawkins confirms and from there, the two characters really have an opportunity to build a foundation to the initial attraction we saw hinted at previously.

As far as Severide and Kidd are concerned, we know that, as far as their relationship goes, they don’t intend to end things. However, in the last moments of the midseason premiere, Severide asks Kidd, “Do you still want to marry me?”

Just like last time, we conclude with a blank Stella stare.

So, while we have to wait before we find out her response, take comfort Outsiders knowing a brand new episode of “Chicago Fire” is only a week away.