‘Chicago Fire’: Full Recap of Season 10, Episode 11 ‘Fog of War’

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

Last night’s episode of “Chicago Fire” marked Episode 11 of Season 10 for the series and it had a pretty big job to do. Fans wanted to see all sorts of loose ends tied up, especially when it came to the uncertain future of Stellaride after that last cliffhanger ending. We’re happy to report good news on that front as well as an update regarding paramedic Sylvie Brett’s visit to Jesse Spencer’s Casey. Other characters might not be faring so well, however.

Before we dive any deeper into the happenings at “Chicago Fire,” though, here’s your spoiler warning. And if you’re good with that, then let’s dive into a full recap of “Fog of War.”

One ‘Chicago Fire’ Character Might Be in a World of Trouble

Stellaride fans can rest easy with Miranda Rae Mayo’s Stella Kidd character finally giving Taylor Kinney’s Severide an answer. She does, in fact, want to marry him. Phew! And it seems that Brett had a great time visiting Casey, albeit a short visit. But what are our other “Chicago Fire” characters up to?

The squad’s latest rescue took the form of a dramatic scene with a downed wire. And did we mention that wire was live? As the first one on-site, Brett Dalton’s Pelham made the choice to bypass any further orders and dove into the rescuing right away. Severide then followed and tried to pry a jammed door open in order to rescue a trapped civilian. It didn’t exactly go as planned, though, and caused a dangerous explosion.

During the chaos, a live wire struck a firefighter from the 37 who Christian Stolte’s Mouch character then had to tend to. Although the firefighter survived, she blamed the eager Pelham for the chaos and injury. The episode then took another dramatic turn as it was revealed that investigators would be looking into the incident, as revealed by Walker’s Chief Boden.

A Series of Unexpected Visits

With the investigation looming in the background, the plot did contain a short side-step when Brett’s family paid the firehouse an unexpected visit. It wound up with Brett taking in her half-sister Amelia despite some apprehension.

Then, the focus turned back to the hospital drama and Stella Kidd conducting her own investigation. Kidd paid McBride a visit to confront her about the Pelham accusations. Unfortunately, this talk didn’t go so well with McBride asserting that she’s already made up her mind.

The episode then ended with Pelham’s future totally up in the air and it’s led some fans to think his character might even be leaving the station in the near future…

It looks like the 51’s foundation and loyalty will be put to the test in the coming weeks.