‘Chicago Fire’: Full Recap of Season 10, Episode 7

by Shelby Scott

As we expected, Wednesday night’s latest episode of “Chicago Fire” featured some pretty explosive scenes. Worse, not all of them were literally ignited. The first few minutes of the season 10 episode saw the foreshadowed explosion between Gallo and our new Lieutenant Pelham. However, it didn’t exactly play out as we expected.

Rather than some potential spats that could have occurred in the firehouse, our new lieutenant publicly admonished Gallo on a rescue call. And the tone of that admonishment came in a form none too pleasant. Casey, after working with Gallo for so long, tended to let the younger fireman do as he thought was best. On the other hand, Pelham treated Gallo as a candidate, rather than a certified firefighter. In essence, he suggested the younger man’s decision could potentially further harm or even kill the victim. He later tells Gallo that when he gives an order, he expects his men to follow it.

Safe to say, then, the two characters definitely got off on the wrong foot. Pelham tries to remedy that. However, it appears Gallo has already closed himself off to the new authority figure. This means next week could potentially see that new tension come to a helm.

‘Chicago Fire’ Arson Investigation Comes to Head

As the last two episodes of “Chicago Fire” have followed Severide and his current partner Seager through their ongoing arson investigation, tonight’s episode saw the plot come to a head. The “Chicago Fire” episode kicked off with the death of the priest who suffered attempted murder last week.

From there, Severide and Seager had to approach the arson investigation from a new perspective which, ultimately, led to the identity of their arsonist. In securing a warrant, the duo tracked down the arsonist’s home. There, they discovered the perpetrator’s final initiative: a car bomb.

In the end, all our firemen and civilians alike were safe. Although, in the car bomb, the arsonist essentially blew himself up. So while no one was hurt, justice falls short on the part of the criminal.

Ambo 61 Suffers Heartache

Among all the explosive action that took place throughout “Chicago Fire’s” seventh episode of season 10, we saw our Ambo team suffering some major heartbreak.

Due to the fast pace with which showrunners have pushed new episodes following Captain Matt Casey‘s departure, fans have quickly worked through their mourning period to see what comes next on “Chicago Fire.”

However, Casey’s girlfriend, lead paramedic on Ambulance 61, continues to pine as the captain remains in Oregon. The episode details her upcoming trip to Oregon to visit Casey, where they plan to do all the “cheesy, touristy” things. However, her trip gets canceled when Casey receives a last minute acceptance to an exclusive wildfire training program.

Needless to say, Brett won’t be seeing Casey and Oregon any time soon. Meanwhile, Violet literally aches over her feelings for Gallo. The episode shows the paramedic brushing off abdominal pain and blaming it on “too much caffiene.” Although Ritter and Brett both believe the pain comes from her unspoken attraction to the young fireman.

Hopefully, the next “Chicago Fire” episode sees some resolve for our characters, however, things don’t tend to go smoothly at Firehouse 51.