‘Chicago Fire’ Gives Behind the Scenes Look at Crazy Stunt

by Joe Rutland

Television shows are known to sometimes pull crazy stunts in order to impress viewers. We get to see one from Chicago Fire.

In this video from the Wolf Entertainment account on Instagram, we are all witnesses to a moment of explosive activity.

Get ready because here it comes right at you.

No doubt about it, Outsiders, that this turns up the heat on an episode.

But watch what they are doing here in making sure that this explosion is done safely.

Anyway, keep your eyes out for this on an upcoming Chicago Fire episode.

‘Chicago Fire’ Viewers Want To Know More About Pelham’s Past

Let’s not be keeping up the suspense around wanting to know more about Jason Pelham.

The Chicago Fire storyline involving actor Brett Dalton just keeps getting deeper.

Stella Kidd has recently returned so will she eventually have a relationship with Pelham.

So, Pelham got into some inter-departmental brouhaha trouble when catching another fireman looting jewelry from a house fire. Many do not know the true story. Others in the department assume Pelham has been bouncing around because he’s got a temper and cannot lead.

Matt & Jess provides us with insight as to when we may learn more about Pelham’s backstory.

We do not know if Dalton remains on the cast through Season 10. Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas says we can expect to learn more of Pelham’s backstory soon.

Haas says, “We’re going to look into more of why he was floating for as long as he was, and that story is just beginning. [T]here are some enemies out there who were perfectly content to keep him out of the permanent leadership position. So that’s going to bring in the whole house.”

Pelham Just Finds Himself Bouncing Around After Punching Superior

So, Pelham floats around because he managed to punch a superior.

That is not a good idea, dude.

We also learn that he had his own reasons. A rapid decision on Pelham’s part kept the officer from suffering more than he might have if the truth actually came out.

Pelham does struggle to manage his temper.

What else might have led him to just not get a permanent spot until now?

We then wonder if that factors as another reason why it took so long for the lieutenant to find a permanent spot.

Matt & Jess speculate Pelham has struggled because he never previously allowed someone to hold a certain level of authority above him. We can tell the Chicago Fire character holds a standard of respect for Boden, there has to be a more significant reason as to why he has enemies within the fire department.