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‘Chicago Fire’ Has Romance in the Air But Is One Relationship Doomed to Fail?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images)

Chicago Fire” finally brought back the gala episode, and fans were ecstatic. The gala has always been a tradition for the show, and it’s where a lot of romances blossom. But fans are worried about one couple in particular who are having some problems.

Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide have been on the rocks since the beginning of “Chicago Fire” season 10, but it looks like things may be smoothing out. Hopefully? We can only cross our fingers on this one. Severide finally got some confirmation that Stella still wants to marry him; after months of no communication, fans were sure this relationship was going to set sail. There was also the attraction from Seager, the arson investigator. She definitely had a crush on Severide, and it wasn’t totally clear if Severide felt the same. But it looks like Stelleride may survive this one after all.

There was also some drama involving Chief Hawkins and Violet. The two shared a kiss at the gala, which could definitely come back to haunt them later. He’s her superior officer, for crying out loud; they should both know better, but all caution and professionalism were thrown out the window at the gala.

There are also rumors that Sylvie Brett and Matt Casey are doomed; apparently, they’ve been spending time together offscreen. But that doesn’t mean they’re happy together. There hasn’t been a lot of news about the state of things between them, but the long-distance has to be hard. And, there’s no guarantee that Casey will return, even for one episode. “Chicago Fire” needs to address the elephant in this firehouse.

‘Chicago Fire’: Tensions Are Ramping Up in the Firehouse

Things are getting heated between Chief Boden and Deputy District Chief Don Kilbourne on “Chicago Fire” as they fight over Pelham being dismissed from Firehouse 51. Apparently, Kilbourne is coming for Pelham’s job, accusing him of being responsible for a deadly accident on a call.

Boden knows that Pelham wasn’t responsible and that he has loyalty to the job and the firehouse. But Pelham can’t survive on Boden’s word alone. Pelham tells him it’s not his fight, but Boden is determined to save Pelham. He’s gotten to know him over the past months, and he knows he’s a good lieutenant.

Why is Kilbourne coming after Pelham, though? It’s been clear that he never liked Pelham and disagreed with Boden’s choice to promote him to lieutenant. Pelham has a cloudy past, and Kilbourne has been gunning for him from the beginning of his run on “Chicago Fire.” But, Boden believes he made the right choice since Stella didn’t accept his call when he wanted to promote her. But will Boden’s trust be enough to fight off Chief Kilbourne? Can Pelham keep his job, or is this going to be another black mark on his permanent record?