‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s How Actor Miranda Rae Mayo Imagines a Stella and Severide Wedding

by Matthew Memrick

Actress Miranda Rae Mayo imagines how her “Chicago Fire” character will be married, but the actress and fans don’t know if that will ever happen.

On the show, Mayo’s Stella Kidd firefighter character has gone through a long relationship with Lieutenant Kelly Severide, played by Taylor Kinney. They even got engaged in Season 9.

But Kidd could be moving on to another fire station without any resolution for fans. She’s been missing for Season 10 for the most part. There’s always a plotline somewhere in the future from those creative show writers.

But if it does, the 31-year-old Mayo has ideas about what that wedding would encompass. 

Wedding Questions For ‘Chicago Fire’ Actress

Could Kidd’s wedding buck the trend of big, elaborate weddings?

“I don’t see it being very big,” the California native told Entertainment Weekly in May.

Mayo could see it held on a boat, or even the couple just runs down to city hall and gets hitched there.

The actress brought up Casey and Dawson’s wedding, played by Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymond, and wonders how the writers will handle a Stella and Severide “possible” union. She’s curious about any engagement and “if a marriage happens.”

But most importantly, how do Stella and Severide take those life-altering steps. 

‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Not Ready To Go

Personally, Mayo’s not ready to fade off the show.

In a video, the actress said she’s not ready [to say goodbye to Stella].”

She said this while acknowledging that “it’s healthy and good to practice detachment by really embracing the impermanent nature of life.”

Er. Well, let’s just say the actress knows there’s always a time to let go or something like that. You know, to every season…

Mayo admits the “Chicago Fire” experience has transformed her life, and she’d love for it to keep going. 

“But, you know, you always gotta be ready for what might happen,” Mayo added.

‘Chicago Fire’ Actress Taking Time Away? 

According to One Chicago Center, there are no plans for Kidd to exit the show. She’s heavily involved in her Girls on Fire program.

Mayo can appreciate the character’s commitment to the program. She expressed it in Hello Magazine back in May, saying she’d love to see more from the girls, how they interact. Additionally, Kidd would like to see Stella work on some imposter syndrome stuff and just find “her boundaries.”

“And I trust the writers and they love her,” Mayo explained. “So I trust them that it’ll be fun.”

Maybe her time away from the show’s spotlight would help grow her character. Perhaps a different environment helps her grow as a leader amid the challenges of working with new people.

After seven episodes this season, we’ll have to wait and see.