‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s How Long Brett Dalton Will Be Appearing on Show

by Taylor Cunningham

With Jesse Spencer’s Captain Matthew Casey officially off of Chicago Fire, Former Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Brett Dalton will be joining the cast in Spencer’s place.

Andy Darden, Matthew Casey’s best friend, died during the season opener of Chicago Fire. And during Fire’s 200th episode, we learned that Darden’s widow, Heather, was in jail with a DUI charge. With Heather behind bars, Darden’s two sons were left without a guardian. So Casey headed to Oregan to care for the boys. And his crew at Firehouse 51 was left without a commander.

On Wednesday (November 3rd), Brett Dalton joined the screen as interim commander Lt. Jason Pelham. And Deadline has confirmed that Dalton is joining Chicago Fire as a recurring cast member.

Dalton is best known for playing Grant Ward and Hive on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But fans may also recognize him from Army Wives, Blue Bloods, and Nurses. He also recently starred in the Apple TV+ original series Ghostwriter.

Thursday, Brett Dalton took to Instagram to commemorate his new role on Chicago Fire.

“Thanks to everyone who made my first episode on #chicagofire lit @nbconechicago,” he captioned alongside an on-set photo.

‘Chicago Fire’: Why Kara Kilmer Loved Working with Matt Casey Actor Jesse Spencer

On October 20th, Captain Mattew Casey said goodbye to his friends at Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51 and headed to care for his late best friend’s sons in Oregan.

When he left, he and his girlfriend Sylvie Brett decided to make a go of the whole long-distance thing. But the miles are proving to be hard on the relationship. Of course, Casey’s departure is hard of die-hard Chicago Fire fans, too, because they rooted for the two for years. And now that Casey is gone, his wholesome romance is no longer a major storyline.

Based on a 2020 interview with Starry Mag, Brett’s Kara Kilmer may be struggling with the departure of Casey’s Jesse Spencer. According to Kilmer, the two had built a lasting friendship while starring in the series together. And working with Spencer was one of her favorite things to do.

“I love working with Jesse,” Kilmer admitted. “He is a total dork and so fun to be around. People have asked do I like that they are in a romance and what do I think about that. If them being in a romantic relationship means if I get to work with Jesse more, then great.  If them staying friends means I get to work with Jesse more, then that’s what I want. Whatever scenario allows me to get to work with Jesse that’s what I want.”