‘Chicago Fire’: Here’s Where You Recognize Christie From

by Leanne Stahulak

In Season 1 of “Chicago Fire,” star Nicole Forester made several appearances as Christie Casey, the older sister of Lt. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer). Now, she’s returned for the latest season of the hit NBC procedural.

Christie spent most of her time on the show butting heads with her brother, per Looper. They argued about their traumatic past and what it could mean for them in the future. But when she’s not appearing on “Chicago Fire,” where else might you have seen the actress who plays Christie before?

Forester got her start in acting by playing a minor role in a “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” episode in 1995. According to Looper, she played an “imaginary Dabo girl” in the mind of one of the main characters. Forester would return to the “Star Trek” franchise in 2003 to play a slightly bigger role in “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

The “Chicago Fire” star’s resume also includes a four-episode stint in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” as Jill Reiter. Jill dated Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering) during Season 8 of the show in 1998. Between then and 2005, Forester appeared in several TV shows and films, including “Two and a Half Men,” “Will & Grace,” and “Monk.”

But she landed her biggest role on the CBS soap opera “Guiding Light” in 2005. Forster took over the role of Cassie Layne Winslow for original actress Laura Wright, who had the role since 1997. Forester made a huge impression on the show, even earning a Daytime Emmy nomination. But per Looper, she left the show in 2008 to start her family.

Aside from “Chicago Fire,” Forester’s only other big TV stint in the 2010s came from the Starz show “Boss.” She starred in 12 episodes of the 18-episode series, alongside Kelsey Grammar. It showed a deeper, darker side to her acting that led to even more impressive projects in the future.

How ‘Chicago Fire’ Star Nicole Forester’s Roles Grew Even Bigger after 2012

2012 was another breakout year for Nicole Forester. She debuted on the first season of “Chicago Fire” that year as Christie Casey, played Maggie Zajac on “Boss,” and starred alongside Tom Cruise in the film “Jack Reacher.”

The action film paved the way for Forester to then appear on Zach Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” film in 2016. Forester embraced the darker roles from the Snyder film and a 2016 horror/thriller film called “Eloise.”

It’s exciting to think about where Nicole Forester will go next. Her most recent credit is the episode of “Chicago Fire” she just appeared in. But who knows how many more episodes will feature her, and what other films or series she might have in store in the coming years.